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Scientific Activities July 1, 2002- June 30, 2003

Thematic Programs

General Scientific Activities

Seminar Series

June 13-15, 2003
Mathematics as Story Symposium
to be held at the University of Western Ontario
Sponsored by The Fields Institute

June 12, 2003
Speakers: Juris Steprans (York), Raymond Laflamme (Waterloo), Moshe Milevsky (York)

June 2 - 20, 2003
Fields Institute Summer School
Logic and Foundations of Computation
to be held at the University of Ottawa

May 24 - 30, 2003
Conference in Number Theory in Honour of Professor H.C. Williams
to be held in Banff, Alberta
Sponsored by The Fields Institute

May 23, 2003 -- 3:30 pm
Special Lecture -- Manindra Agrawal
A Polynomial-time Algorithm for Primality Testing
Audio of Talk

May 3, 2003
Ottawa-Carleton Discrete Mathematics Day 2003
to be held at the University of Ottawa
Supported by The Fields Institute

May 2-3, 2003
9th Great Lakes K-theory Conference
to be held at Northwestern University

May 2, 2003
Southern Ontario Numerical Analysis Day (SONAD 2003)
to be held at McMaster University
Supported by The Fields Institute

May 1-2, 2003
12th Ontario Combinatorics Workshop
to be held at the University of Ottawa
Supported by The Fields Institute

April 23 and 24, 2003
Distinguished Lecture Series in Statistical Science -- Don Dawson, Carleton University and McGill University
Probabilistic Phenomena in Mathematics and Science

(January 25-26, 2003 and March 22-23, 2003)
Workshop on Arithmetic and Geometry of Higher Dimensional Varieties with Special Emphasis on Calabi-Yau Varities and Mirror Symmetry

November 2, 2002
Graduate School Information Day

October 25, 2002
Workshop on Industry, Mathematics and Computer Algebra

October 22, 2002
CRM -Fields Prize Lecture   -- Professor John Friedlander

October 19, 2002
New FRSCs Day
-celebrating the achievements of this year's new Fellows in the mathematical and physical sciences

September 20-21, 2002
AD-HOC NetwOrks and Wireless (ADHOC-NOW)
Program Co-chairs: Michel Barbeau and Evangelos Kranakis
Supported by MITACS

September 23-28, 2002
Workshop on Categorical Structures for Descent and Galois Theory, Hopf Algebras and Semiabelian Categories
Organizers: G. Janelidze, B. Pareigis, Walter Tholen

July 15 - August 10, 2002
International Conference on Representations of Algebras and Related Topics (ICRA X)
Organizers: S. Berman, Y. Billig, R.-O. Buchweitz, V. Dlab, E. Neher, S. Liu

August 7 - 11, 2002
Workshop on Geometry, Dynamics, and Mechanics in Honour of the 60th birthday of J.E. Marsden
Organizers: A. Bloch, P. Newton, T. Ratiu, S. Shkoller, A. Weinstein

July 8-12, 2002
Workshop on Nonself-adjoint Operator Algebras
Organizer: Kenneth R. Davidson