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Thematic Program on Set Theory and Analysis

September - December 2002

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Alan Dow, University of North Carolina
Alexander Kechris, California Institute of Technology
Miklos Laczkovich, Etvos Lorand University
Claude Laflamme, University Of Calgary
Juris Steprans, York University
Stevo Todorcevic, C.N.R.S., Paris and University of Toronto


From its very beginnings, set theory has enjoyed a relationship with analysis which, while at times close and at others distant, has always allowed for the possibility of symbiosis. During the Fall of 2002 the Fields Institute will hosts a thematic program devoted to fostering the interaction between these two areas. Internationally recognized experts from both disciplines will be on site from September 2002 through to December 2002.

The format of the program will include at least two short, but intense thematic workshops. One will focus on set theoretic techniques in the theory of Banach spaces and an other will concentrate on Borel relations and dynamical systems. While some participants will actively participate throughout the semster, others will be brought in for a specific workshop. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows on site for the entire program will be exposed to a wide range of research topics, while invited specialists will be able to contribute in their area of expertise. The program will also incorporate, whenever possible, mini-courses intended to quickly bring graduate students to the frontiers of knowledge on particular subjects.

Coxeter Lecture

November 4, 5, 6, 3:30 - 5:00

Hugh Woodin, University of California, Berkeley
1) The Continuum Hypothesis and the $\Omega$ Conjecture
2) Strong Axioms: Determinacy and Large Cardinals
3) Extender Sequences and Beyond.


Graduate Courses

August 19 - 29, 2002
Summer Course

Graduate Course - Fall Term (September - December, 2002)
- Descriptve Set Theory, Borel Relations and Dynamical Systems.
- Partition Theory and Banach Spaces


October 1st - 3rd, 2002 at 3:30 pm
Saharon Shelah, Hebrew University and Rutgers University
Adding measures to normed forcing

Seminar Series


October 6 - 12, 2002
Workshop 1 -- Descriptive Set Theory, Analysis and Dynamical Systems

November 11 - 15, 2002
Workshop 2 -- Geometry of Banach spaces and infinite dimensional Ramsey theory

Among those who have indicated they will be participating are:

Tomek Bartoszynski, Boise State University, Idaho
Howard Becker, University of South Carolina
Ilijas Farah, York University
Matthew Foreman, University of California at Irvine
David Fremlin, University of Essex
Gilles Godefroy, Universite Paris VI
Greg Hjorth, University of California, Los Angeles
Richard Laver, University of Colorado at Boulder
Dan Mauldin, University of North Texas at Denton
Arnold Miller, University of Wisconsin
Janusz Pawlikowski, University of Wroclaw
Haskell Rosenthal, University of Texas
Saharon Shelah, Hebrew University Jerusalem
Slawomir Solecki, University of Illinois
Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann, University of Alberta
W. Hugh Woodin, Berkeley


Postdoctoral Fellowships
Qualified candidates were invited to apply for postdoctoral fellowships associated with the program. Deadline for applications was January 2, 2002

Graduate Student Funding
Funding is available to graduate students to visit for a term. Interested graduate students must forward a letter of application with a letter of recommendation from their supervisor. Standard support amounts for graduate students is approx. $1000/mth and students should negotiate with their home institutions or advisors for additional funding if required. All documents should be received January 2002.

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