February  9, 2016


Monographs and Communications

The Fields Institute publishes two book series, the Monograph Series and the Communications Series. Occasionally, other volumes such as the "Coxeter Legacy", “Harmonic Analysis, the Trace Formula, and Shimura Varieties”, and “Turbulent Times in Mathematics: the Life of J.C. Fields and the History of the Fields Medal” are published separately.

The Monograph Series features high-quality research monographs and lecture notes in mathematics and applications of mathematics in science, engineering, finance, industry and medicine. The Communications Series consists of conference proceedings of research and survey articles. As of December 31, 2011, there are 28 volumes in the FIM series and 61 in the FIC series, published jointly with the AMS. All of these volumes, monographs and communications, are available through the AMS On-Line Bookstore.

Since January 1, 2012, these book series have been published with Springer -- see for the Monograph series and for the Communications series.

Publications in both series often result from activities at the Institute, but we encourage all authors of books to consider publishing with us. Our publishing program with Springer affords authors the advantages of wide distribution and advertising, high quality, digital versions, and a guarantee that all volumes will remain in print indefinitely.

A list of supplemental information or errata is available online.

The managing editor of our publications is Carl Riehm (

The members of the Fields Institute Editorial Board are:

James G. Arthur (Toronto)

Edward Bierstone (Toronto)

Walter Craig (Director of the Institute)

Kenneth R. Davidson (Waterloo)

Lisa Jeffrey (Toronto)

Barbara Lee Keyfitz (Ohio)

Matheus Grasselli (Deputy Director of the Institute)

Thomas S. Salisbury (York)

Juris Steprans (York)

Noriko Yui (Queen's)

For information on publishing in our two series, see Information for Authors and Editors .




The Fields Institute publishes an electronic journal devoted to case studies in industrial mathematics.

The Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies (MICS) provides a venue for sharing ideas among academic and industrial researchers and a learning opportunity for newcomers and students. The case study and electronic format puts the emphasis on the modelling process and is intended to make the journal accessible to a wide variety of readers.

Editors-in-Chief: Alistair Fitt (Southampton) and Hilary Ockendon (Oxford)

Managing Editor: Huaxiong Huang (York)




For almost two decades now, teachers, curriculum consultants, graduate students, pre-service teachers, mathematics education researchers, mathematicians, ministry and policy consultants, and members of the general public with an interest in mathematics education have been gathering monthly at the Fields Institute for the Fields Mathematics Education Forum to explore issues in mathematics education. The Steering Committee of the Fields Mathematics Education Forum is pleased to announce the launch of the Fields Mathematics Education Journal (FMEJ). This international peer-reviewed online journal aims to provide open access to the range of themes that attract attention of the mathematics education community in Ontario, Canada and internationally. The focus of this periodical is to stimulate discussions, reflections, research, and commentaries about mathematics education within and between different interest groups. The FMEJ particularly encourages submissions of manuscripts related to presentations at the Fields Mathematics Education Forum. The journal is intended for any person interested in mathematics education, including researchers and practitioners. It has an international editorial board and will be published bi-annually. All submissions are peer-reviewed. Both submissions in English or French are acceptable. As it is the case with the Fields Mathematics Education Forum, the FMEJ is open for a variety of viewpoints. The views expressed or implied in the publication, unless otherwise noted, should not be interpreted as official positions of the Fields Institute. Manuscripts previously published in other journals, books or electronic venues are not accepted for review.

Editors: Donna Kotsopoulos (Wilfrid Laurier) and Dragana Martinovic (Windsor)