March 31, 2015

Commercial and Industrial Mathematics Program (CIM)

The focus of the CIM Program is to cooperate with business, enabling technology transfer between mathematical scientists and the information society. The CIM Program is advised by an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).

The program supports several seminar series (some joint with Mitacs),occasional workshops, courses and talks, and the Fields-Mitacs Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop (FMIPW), which takes place at Fields in even-numbered years.

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Upcoming Commercial, Industrial and Financial Mathematics Activities

Seminar Series
Industrial Problem Solving Workshops
Upcoming Workshops, Courses and Special Events

April 29-30, 2015
Workshop on Big Data in Commercial and Retail Banking

Fields Institute

Aug 11-15, 2014
Fields-Mprime Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
Fields Institute, Toronto

July 21-25
Problem Solving Workshop on Neurovascular Coupling and Developing Brain
Fields Institute, Toronto

August 20-24, 2012
Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop on Medical Imaging

June 22-26, 2009
OCCAM-Fields-MITACS, Math-in-Medicine Study Group
Biomedical Problems Solving Workshop

August 11-15, 2008
Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop (FMIPW)

August 14-18, 2006
Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop (FMIPW)

In 1999, Fields began a program to foster start-up companies that commercialize mathematical ideas and that can benefit from co-location at the Fields Institute. Companies are approved by the Fields Board on recommendation by the IAB. The goal of the program is to enable members of the Fields community to start business ventures by giving them access to the physical, intellectual and logistical resources of the Institute.
In 2008, one of the first start-up companies in this program, Sigma Analysis and Management, graduated from the program and moved off-campus, attaining the designation of a "senior" firm. Followed by R2 Financial Technologies
More information about this program can be obtained by contacting the Director at director<at>
Senior Firms Fostered by the Fields Institute
Start-Up Firms Fostered by the Fields Institute
Corporate Affiliate Members of the Fields Institute

IBM Canada, CANNEX., S&P Capital IQ, Sigma Analysis and Management, Synchrony Consulting Services Inc., and Waterfront International Ltd.
Current benefits for Corporate Affiliate Members are described here.

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