Receiving Fields Institute Information by E-Mail

Information about upcoming activity at the Institute is sent out two ways, and are also archived and available for viewing on the web.

Mailings to Departments

Some mailings, such as a weekly summary of upcoming activities, are sent to mathematical sciences departments at affiliated universities (especially ones near Toronto) who forward it to all their members. Some departments give us access to an “all faculty and students” e-mail address which automatically forwards to all members; others give us the addresses of designated people who have agreed to forward the mailing to everyone else. We do not control who the mailing is forwarded to, just the departmental contact we send it to.

To request that we start or stop sending your department the weekly activity listing for members of affiliated departments, or to change the address(es) we send it to, please ask your departmental administrator to contact weeklymailing(PUT_AT_SIGN_HERE)

Please note that, if you are cross-appointed to several affiliated departments, you may receive multiple copies of these mailings, one from each department. This is, unfortunately, unavoidable.

A copy of departmental mailings is also sent to all Fields Institute members (at their Fields email address) while at Fields. (However, members can go to to suppress these messages if they are already receiving them from another department).

Mailings to Individuals

We maintain a mailing list to which any individual can subscribe using the form below. Subscribers receive a monthly summary of upcoming activity and can also opt to receive more targeted announcements in particular areas of interest (multiple areas can be selected, and you will get only one copy of each message even if it matches several of your areas.) Subscribers can also opt to receive our departmental e-mails directly if they are not already receiving them from a department.

To subscribe:
Enter your e-mail address in the two boxes below (entering it twice guards against typing mistakes) then press "Subscribe". You will be asked to choose your areas of interest; your subscription will become activated once you have finished entering that information.
E-mail Address:
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To unsubscribe or to change your subscription:
Enter your e-mail address below then press "View/Change/Unsubscribe". You will then be shown your current choices and given the option of changing them or unsubscribing completely. Note that you cannot directly unsubscribe from the copy of the weekly mailing that is forwarded by departments to their members; see above.

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