May 25, 2016

Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is chaired by the Deputy Director of the Institute, and includes a rotating membership of distinguished mathematicians or users of mathematics. The committee reviews major proposals for Commercial & Industrial mathematical activity, and advises the institute on directions to pursue for the Commercial & Industrial mathematics program.

IAB members can access the Industrial Advisory Board Information Page.


Laurent Bernardin Maplesoft
Ron Dembo Zerofootprint
Matheus Grasselli Deputy Director, Fields Institute
Ian Hambleton Fields Institute
Faisal Habib Cannex Financial Exchanges Ltd.
Huaxiong Huang York University
Alex Kreinin IBM Canada
Moshe Milevsky York University -Schulich School of Business & The IFID Centre
Kumar Murty University of Toronto
Kruno Perkovic Synchrony Consulting Services Inc.
Dan Rosen S&P Capital IQ
Luis Seco Sigma Analysis and Management
Bob Suriwka Waterfront International Ltd
Hans Tuenter OPG

For more information, please send mail to iab@fields.utoronto.ca