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Workshop on Nonself-adjoint Operator Algebras
July 8-12, 2002

Kenneth R. Davidson

The workshop will be held in Toronto at the Fields Institute July 8-12, 2002 with the option to extend the stay either before or after to work with colleagues. There will be talks in the morning, with the afternoon basically free for small groups to collaborate, and perhaps a plenary talk at the end of the day.

The fee for this workshop is $50 (CDN) for faculty/senior researchers and $25 (CDN) for students/post doctoral fellows. This fee will include a dinner planned for Wednesday July 10, 2002. All participants are requested to register.

List of Confirmed Speakers and participants

David Blecher, University of Houston
Recent contributions to the general theory of operator algebras

Man Duen Choi, University of Toronto
The Ultimate Norm Estimate for the Sum of Two Matrices

Kenneth Davidson, The Fields Institute
Spans and sums of unitary and similarity orbits of a single operator

Chandler Davis, University of Toronto
Polynomial hulls of a matrix

Allan Donsig, University of Nebraska
Analytic Partial Crossed Products

Benton Duncan, University of Nebrasaka
Alan Hopenwasser, University of Alabama
Lie Ideals in Triangular AF Algebras

Victor Kaftal, University of Cincinnati
Traces and "soft" ideals of B(H)

Masayoshi Kaneda, University of Houston
The ideal envelope of an operator algebra

Aristides Katavolos, Athens University
Normalizers, Ternary Rings and All That

Elias Katsoulis, East Carolina University
Representations of non-selfadjoint operator algebras

David Kribs, University of Iowa
Weighted shifts on Fock space

Philippe Larocque, University of Waterloo

Jiankui Li, University of Waterloo
Local derivations and local automorphisms

Laurent Marcoux, University of Waterloo
Lie structures in nest algebras

Vern Paulsen, University of Houston
MASA Bimodule Maps

Justin Peters, Iowa State University
Representation theory for Dirichlet Algebras

David Pitts, University of Nebraska
Automorphisms of triangular AF-algebras (preliminary report)

Stephen Power, Lancaster University
Free semigroupoid algebras

Heydar Radjavi, Dalhousie University and University of New Hampshire
Polynomial identities and reducibility

Peter Rosenthal, University of Toronto
Triangularizability and Triangular Operator Algebras

Jim Solazzo, University of Georgia
Reflexivity, Factorization, and Hankel Operators

Baruch Solel, Technion Institute
Duality of Correspondences and a Non Commutative Nevanlinna-Pick Theorem

Ahmed Sourour, University of Victoria
The semigroup generated by a similarity orbit or a unitary orbit

Gary Weiss, University of Cincinnati
Traces, Ideals and Arithmetic Means

Reza Yahaghi, Dalhousie University

***Dinner will be at Le Sélect Bistro on Wednesday, July 10th at 6:30 pm with dinner served at 7:00 pm.*** Your registration fee includes the banquet cost.

Location: 328 Queen Street West, on the north side of Queen Street, east of Spadina Street
416-596-6405 ext 0
Restaurant site:
Location map:

For further information about the workshop, please contact gensci(PUT_AT_SIGN_HERE)