May 23, 2018

Computational Neuroscience in Upper Canada (CNUC)


Richard Zemel (Computing Science, Toronto),
Frances Skinner (Toronto Western Research and UT)
Randy McIntosh (Rotman Research Institute and UT)

Conversations over coffee gave rise to a small group in southern Ontario with an interest in methods and problems in computational neuroscience. The primary motivation is to exchange information between experimentalists and computational modellers in order to investigate how computational and mathematical approaches have been-or could be-used to address critical issues in neuroscience. The talks are either in tutorial style, geared to general scientists, or more problem-oriented, where an issue is presented and the floor is then opened for discussion on how to deal with the issue (e.g., we have all this data from brain imaging; how do we characterize the dynamics?).

Aug 19, Oct. 21, Jan. 14 Meetings were held on the following topics:

Different Levels of Modelling
Spatial Representations in Motor Control and Navigation
The Hippocampus: Memories, Rhythms, Neurogenesis and More!