March 20, 2018

May 20-24, 2008
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Symposium Location will be:
May 20
May 21
May 22
May 23
May 24
Bahen Rm 1170
Bahen Rm 1170
Bahen Rm 1170
Bahen Rm 1130
Bahen Rm 1130
(Map of Campus-see BA)

Local Organizing Commitee: Man-Duen Choi, George Elliott, Raphael Ponge, Andrew Toms

Confirmed Participants

Fullname University/Affiliation
Belinschi, Serban University of Saskatchewan
Blackadar, Bruce University of Nevada, Reno
Brannan, Michael University of Waterloo
Brenken, Berndt University of Calgary
Brown, Nate Pennsylvania State University
Cacic, Branimir Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Cameron, Jan Texas A&M University
Choi, Man-Duen University of Toronto
Chung, Phu SUNY at Buffalo
Collins, Benoît University of Ottawa
Dadarlat, Marius Purdue University
Davidson, Kenneth R. University of Waterloo
Dean, Andrew Lakehead University
Deeley, Robin University of Victoria
Elgun, Elcim University of Waterloo
Elliott, George University of Toronto
Farah, Ilijas York University
Farenick, Douglas University of Regina
Floricel, Remus University of Regina
Georgescu, Magdalena University of Victoria
Gerlach, Eberhard Mathematical Reviews
Ghandehari, Mahya University of Waterloo
Giol, Julien Texas A&M University
Giordano, Thierry University of Ottawa
Hamilton, Ryan University of Waterloo
Huang, Huichi SUNY at Buffalo
Ionascu, Ileana Philadelphia University
Jacob, Benoit University Paris 6
Johnston, Nathaniel University of Guelph
Kennedy, Matthew University of Waterloo
Kleper, Dvir University of Toronto
Kucerovsky, Dan University of New Brunswick
Landstad, Magnus NTNU
Lau, Anthony To Ming University of Alberta
Le, Trieu University of Toronto
Lee, Hun Hee University of Waterloo
Lei, Tao York University
Maloney, Greg University of Toronto
Marti Perez, Laura University of Waterloo
Mastnak, Mitja University of Waterloo
Mathieu, Martin Queen's University Belfast
Mingo, James A. Queen's University
Ng, Ping Wong University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Nica, Bogdan Vanderbilt University
Novak, Jonathan Queen's University
Orfanos, Stefanos Purdue University
Phillips, John University of Victoria
Phillips, N. Christopher University of Oregon
Ponge, Raphael University of Toronto
Radjavi, Heydar University of Waterloo
Ramsey, Chris University of Waterloo
Redelmeier, Daniel Texas A&M University
Redelmeier, Emily Queen's University
Robert, Leonel Fields Institute
Rosenthal, Peter University of Toronto
Rowe, Barry University of Toronto
Roydor, Jean University of Waterloo
Runde, Volker University of Alberta
Samei, Ebrahim University of Waterloo
Sasyk, Roman University of Ottawa
Speicher, Roland Queen's University
Tikuisis, Aaron University of Toronto
Toms, Andrew York University
Werner, Wend Universität Münster
Williams, Dana Dartmouth College
Yahaghi, Bamdad R. Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM)
Yamashita, Makoto University of Tokyo
Yang, Dilian University of Waterloo
Zorboska, Nina University of Manitoba
Zwarich, Cameron University of Waterloo



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