April 16, 2014

May 5-6, 2014
Workshop on
Graphs and Algorithms
In honour of Derek Corneil's contributions to graph theory and computer science

Fields Institute, 222 College Street, Toronto
(Mapto Fields)

Organizing Committee:
Jason Brown (Dalhousie) and Lorna Stewart (Alberta)
Regular fee: $50 , Student/PDF fee: $30

Regular May 5 Banquet tickets: $80
Student/PDF May 5 Banquet tickets: $60

On-line to April 27, on-site May 5

Application for travel support now closed, Notification sent by April 8
** Please indicate on the form whether you have applied to give a contributed talk.
Call for Contributed Talks -closed
**Due to popular interest, the program is now full and we are no longer accepting contributed talks, although attendees are of course still encouraged to register and join the workshop
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It is widely believed that for thousands of fundamental graph problems, efficient algorithms that handle all graphs can never be constructed. Therefore, algorithms to solve those problems rely on the special structure of the graphs to be handled, or approximation or other techniques, all of which involve the analysis of graph properties.
This 2-day workshop will focus on graphs and their algorithms.
The workshop will include both invited and contributed talks, and there will be a banquet on the evening of Monday, May 5. Partial funding for travel expenses of graduate students and PDFs will be available.

Invited speakers (speaker abstracts)

Feodor Dragan --Kent State University, USA
Following Derek's footsteps

Ekki Koehler
--Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany
AT-free Graphs and their linear structure

Michel Habib
--University Paris Diderot, France
On some new practical applications of graph searches

Mike Molloy
-- University of Toronto, Canada
Algorithms for random k-SAT and colouring random graphs.

Contributed talks (speaker abstracts)

Therese Biedl, U Waterloo
Carving-width, tree-width, and area-optimal planar graph drawing

Andreas Brandstaedt, U Rostock
On the Dilworth Number of Auto-Chordal Bipartite Graphs

Jason Brown, Dalhousie U
G-Convexity of Graphs

Leizhen Cai, Chinese U Hong Kong
Dually connected subgraphs and dual separators in edge bicoloured graphs

Kathie Cameron, Math Wilfrid Laurier U
Finding an easily recognizable strong stable set

Charles Colbourn, Arizona State U
Permutation covers

Bhaskar DasGupta, U Illinois Chicago
On the Complexity of Modularity Clustering

Andreas Feldmann, U Waterloo
Steiner-Star-Free Graphs and Equivalence Between Steiner Tree Relaxations

Celina de Figueiredo, U Federal do Rio de Janeiro
The generalized split probe problem

Sasha Gutfraind, U Illinois Chicago
Multiscale approach for modeling graph topology

Chinh Hoang, WLU

Paul Kainen, Georgetown U
On triangular colorings, II

Mark Keil , U Sask
A Polynomial time Algorithm for the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem on Outerstring Graphs

Anna Lubiw, U Waterloo
Visibility Graphs, Dismatlability, and the Cops-and-Robbers Game

Jim Nastos, UBC Okanagan
Graph classes in social network analysis and algorithms

Vivek Nittoor, U Tokyo
New Results On the Cage Problem for Even Girth

Guillem Perarnau, McGill U
Spanning F-free subgraphs of regular graphs with large minimum degree

Gara Pruesse, Vancouver Island U
Lexicographic Labellings achieve fast algoriithms for bump number, cocomp hamiltonicity, and two-processor scheduling

Mudassir Shabbir, Rutgers U
On a variant of graph searching problem

Jeremy Spinrad, Vanderbilt U
A New Generalization of Semi-orders

Lorna Stewart, U Alberta

Yaokun Wu, Shanghai Jiao Tong U
Hamiltonian thickness and fault-tolerant spanning rooted path systems of graphs

Bing Zhou, Trent U
Adaptable coloring and color critical graphs




Please note there will be a survivors' party on Tuesday night, details to be announced at the workshop.

Participants as of April 12
*awaiting confirmation

Full Name University/Affiliation
Brandstadt, Andreas University of Rostock
Brown, Jason Dalhousie University
Cameron, Kathie Wilfrid Laurier University
Colbourn, Charles Arizona State University
Corneil, Derek University of Toronto
DasGupta, Bhaskar University of Illinois at Chicago
de Figueiredo, Celina Miraglia Herrera Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Dragan, Feodor Kent State University
Dusart, Jérémie Université Paris 7 - LIAFA
Feldmann, Andreas University of Waterloo
Gorzny, Jan University of Victoria
Gutfraind, Alexander University of Illinois at Chicago
Habib, Michel* University Paris Diderot - Paris7
Hartnell, Bert Saint Mary's University
Huang, Jing University of Victoria
Kanté, Mamadou M. LIMOS
Keil, Mark University of Saskatchewan
Koehler, Ekkehard* Brandenburg University of Technology
Limouzy, Vincent CNRS - Univ. Blaise Pascal
Maffray, Frederic CNRS, Laboratoire G-SCOP
Mahmoodian, Ebadollah* City University of New York, Graduate Center
Molloy, Michael* University of Toronto
Nastos, James UBCO
Nittoor, Vivek The University Of Tokyo
Perarnau, Guillem McGill University
Pruesse, Gara* Vancouver Island University
Shabbir, Mudassir Rutgers University
Spinrad, Jerry Vanderbilt University
Stacho, Juraj* Columbia University
Stewart, Lorna University of Alberta
Vassilev, Tzvetalin Nipissing University
Wu, Yaokum Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Wang, Xingfang School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo


Call for Contributed Talks
**Due to popular interest, the program is now full and we are no longer accepting contributed talks, although attendees are of course still encouraged to register and join the workshop**

Attendees are welcome to contribute a talk. We welcome contributions in all areas of graphs and their algorithms. If you would like to give a talk, please e-mail a preliminary title to Lorna Stewart <lorna.stewart<at>> . You will then be asked to provide a final title and abstract in March.