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August 12-15, 2013
22nd International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics
Bahen Centre, 40 St. George St. , Rm 1180 (map)
International Organizing Committee of the IWMS-2013
S. Ejaz Ahmed, Chair (Canada)
Augustyn Markiewicz(Poland)
George P. H. Styan, Honorary Chair (Canada)
Goetz Trenkler (Germany)
Jeffrey J. Hunter (New Zealand)
Simo Puntanen, Vice Chair (Finland)
Dietrich von Rosen (Sweden)
Julia Volaufova (USA)
Hans Joachim Werner (Germany)
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Journal of Statistical computation and simulation (JSCS).
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Before July 1

Fees: $250,
Students & Postdocs $150

After July 1
Fees: $300,
Students & Postdocs $200

Registration fees include conference material, morning refreshmenents, coffee breaks, and 2 catered lunches.
(Online registration open to Aug. 5, onsite Aug. 12)

Tickets to the Workshop Dinner on August 14, $60 for registrants, $75 for guests

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The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers sharing an interest in a variety of aspects of statistics and its applications as well as matrix analysis and its applications to statistics, and offer them a possibility to discuss current developments in these subjects. The workshop will bridge the gap among statisticians, computer scientists and mathematicians in understanding each other's tools. We anticipate that the workshop will stimulate research, in an informal setting, and foster the interaction of researchers in the interface between matrix theory and statistics. Some emphasis will be put on related numerical linear algebra issues and numerical solution methods, relevant to problems arising in statistics. The workshop will include invited talks and a special session with talks and posters by graduate students.

Workshop Objectives:
(1) highlight and expand the breadth of existing methods in matrix analysis and their potential for the advance of both mathematical and statistical sciences;
(2) identify important directions for future research in the theory of High dimensional statistical analysis; Linear/multivariate models; Small area estimation (Survey sampling); Applications (signal processing, Bioinformatics); Sufficient dimension reduction; Matrices and computational statistics;
(3) facilitate collaboration between theoretical and subject-area researchers; and
(4) provide opportunities for highly qualified personnel (HQP) to interact with leading international researchers.

The topics that have been selected so far include estimation, prediction and testing in linear models; robustness of relevant statistical methods; estimation of variance components appearing in linear models; generalizations to nonlinear models; design and analysis of experiments, including optimality and comparison of linear experiments; and applications of matrix methods in statistics.

Invited Speakers
(titles and abstracts)

Mohamed Amezziane (Central Michigan University)
Oskar Maria Baksalary (Adam Mickiewicz)
Somnath Datta (Louisville)
Susmita Datta (Louisville)
Kai-Tai Fang (United International College, Zhuhai)
Ali Ghodsi (Waterloo)
Karl E. Gustafson (Colorado at Boulder)
Abdulkadir Hussein (Windsor)
Tonu Kollo (University of Tartu)
Steven N. MacEachern (Ohio State)
Ingram Olkin (Stanford)
Jianxin Pan (Manchester)
Serge Provost (Western)
Shuangge Ma (Yale)
Fuzhen Zhang (Nova Southeastern)

Invited Special Sessions
(titles and abstracts)

Special Session to celebrate Lynn Roy LaMotte's 70th Birthday
Speakers: David A. Harville
Lynn Roy LaMotte
J. N. K. Rao

Special Session on Applied Probability
(Organized by Jeffrey Hunter)
Speakers: Iddo Ben-Ari
Minerva Catral
Sophie Hautphenne
Jeffrey Hunter
Jianhong Xu

Special Session of Statistical Inference on GLM
(Organized by Krishna Saha, Central CT State University)
Speakers: Dianliang Deng
Severien Nkurunziza
Krishna Saha
Samiran Sinha
Jihnhee Yu

Memorial Session to honor Shayle R. Searle
(Organized by Jeffrey J. Hunter)
Speakers: David A. Harville,
Jeffrey J. Hunter,
J. N. K. Rao,
Robert Rodriguez,
Susan Searle

Special Session on Perspectives on High Dimensional Data Analysis
(Organized by: Muni Srivastava)
Speakers: Shota Katayama
Abbas Khalili
J. S. Marron
Takahiro Nishiyama
Martin Singull
Muni Srivastava
Anand Vidyashankar
Takayuki Yamada
Hirokazu Yanagihara

Invited Special Session on Open-Source Statistical Computing (Organized by Reijo Sund)
Speakers: Antti Liski
Reijo Sund
Kimmo Vehkalahti

Journal of Statistical computation and simulation (JSCS).

Papers for the Special Issue must be submitted within three months of the conference. These papers must have [SPECIAL ISSUE: Matrix] appended to the title. The review process will be completed within nine months of the conference date. Please keeping in mind that a Special Issue is not a proceedings. Presenting a paper does not imply publication in a Special Issue. The deadline for the paper submission is January 15, 2014 Papers for the Special Issue must be submitted within three months of the conference At which time accepted papers will be sent to the publisher, moved to the top of the queue and published as soon as possible thereafter. Papers accepted after that date will be added to the queue.



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