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"Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013" (MPE2013)---the year-long program created to encourage research on a range of topics related to Planet Earth---has been active for almost a year and will transition into "Mathematics of Planet Earth" (MPE) at the end of 2013. What has been accomplished and what are the plans for MPE?

MPE2013 was conceived to stimulate the mathematics research community to identify fundamental research questions about Planet Earth and to reach out to the general public to highlight the role of mathematics in global studies of the Earth. It has grown into an international effort, received the patronage of UNESCO, and involved more than 140 partners, including professional societies, academic institutions, research institutes, and teacher organisations. The distinctive MPE2013 logo has been featured at many conferences, workshops, and lectures, and MPE2013 has found its way among the public, the media, and schools worldwide.

Beginning in 2014, the program will continue as "Mathematics of Planet Earth" (MPE), with the same objectives, namely identify fundamental research questions about Planet Earth and reach out to the general public. As Christiane Rousseau, principal coordinator of MPE2013, observed, "MPE2013 has been a great start. But identifying the research problems is not enough. Mathematics moves slowly, the planetary problems are very challenging, and we start realizing how much remains to be done."
From MPE2013 to MPE

Activities Supported by the Fields Institute
In collaboration with dozens of research institutions, universities and foundations across the world, the Fields Institute is proud to take part in 2013's Mathematics of Planet Earth. Throughout the following year Fields will be hosting and sponsoring numerous lecture series and workshops with the goal of drawing attention to the significant role mathematics plays in confronting the challenges facing our planet.

Focus and Thematic Programs

April 29-June 28, 2013
Thematic Program on the Mathematics of Oceans

August 5- 31, 2013
Focus Program on Commodities, Energy and Environmental Finance

Pan-Canadian Thematic Program on
Models and Methods in Ecology, Epidemiology and Public Health

April 29-30, 2013
Workshop on Establishing the Scientific Foundation for Quantitative Public Health Decision-making

May 19-27, 2013
Summer School on Mathematics of Infectious Disease

Public Lectures

May 19, 2013
Eduardo Massad
,University of Sao Paulo
The Analytic Philosophy of Mathematical Epidemiology
3:30 – 4:30 pm, Room 0006, TEL Building, York University

May 23, 2013
Mirjam Kretzschmar
, University Medical Centre Utrecht
Modelling STI and HIV transmission using pair formation models
9:00 – 10:00 am, Room BA 1190 Bahen Centre (map to Bahen)

May 26, 2013
Carlos Castillo-Chavez
Regents Professor and Joaquin Bustoz Jr. Professor, Arizona State University
Public Security Infectious Diseases and Public Health: Challenges in Emergent and Re-Emergent Diseases
10:00 – 11:30 am, Room 0006 TEL Building

July 2013
Workshop on Climate Change and Ecology of Vector-borne Diseases has been rescheduled to a future date TBA

CMS MPE2013 Lecture Series

April 11, 2013 -11:00 a.m
Darrell Duffie,
The new architecture of our financial system (video)
Fields Institute (Slide Presentation)
Sponsored by Fields and the CMS

June 21, 2013 -3:30 p.m.
Jane Wang, Cornell
Insects, computers, and us
Fields Institute
Sponsored by Fields and the CMS

Past Activities Supported by the Fields Institute

January-August 2012
Thematic Program on Inverse Problems and Imaging

June 25, 2012
Ron Dembo, Zerofootprint
Using Mathematics to Combat Climate Change
Sponsored by CAIMS-SCMAI, Fields and PIMS

June 24, 2012
L. Mahadevan, de Valpine Professor of Applied Mathematics,Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Professor of Physics, Harvard University
Motility: Molecules, Mechanics, Mathematics and Machines
Sponsored by CAIMS-SCMAI, Fields and PIMS

June 24, 2012
David Earn, McMaster University
Puzzles in the Patterns of Plagues
Sponsored by CAIMS-SCMAI, Fields and PIMS