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July 4 to August 26, 2011
Information for Students

Before you arrive for the Program

Before June 8 would you please send the following details to gensci(at)

1) Contact Details
Citizenship __________________________________
Home address __________________________________
Date of Birth __________________________________
(Canadians only ) Health Card # ________________________

2) Travel Plans
We anticipate that those of you who have been offered on campus residence will check in July 3. If you require an additional night's accommodation due to travel arrangements or will not be arriving on Sunday July 3, please contact us gensci(at) to indicate your dates of arrival and departure.

3) Parental Release Form for students under 19 on July 4, 2011
A Parental Release Form for student under 19 is a requirement of participation.

Financial Support for Invited students

All student invited to the Summer Undergraduate Research Program have been offered per diem support. Non local students have been offered residence accommodation and travel support. We would like you to be aware of how support will be administered so that you can be financially prepared, and if you anticipate any financial hardship with the arrangement you may let us know in advance.

Note: we recommend that all students arriving for the program have on hand a minimum of $200 CDN to cover personal food costs and necessities. All reimbursement payments are made by cheque in CDN dollars.
All students receiving reimbursement will be given a letter to assist them in cashing their cheques at the local Canadian Bank.

Claim Form

1) Per diem payments

Per diem payments for July must be submitted by July 11, cheques payment will be received July 15 or 18 (as claims are processed by the University of Toronto we can not give a guaranteed day for their arrival).


Per diem payments for August must be submitted by August 8, cheques payment will be received August 12 or 15 (as claims are processed by the University of Toronto we can not give a guaranteed day for their arrival).

2) Travel support

Students who have been offered support for their travel costs should arrive at the orientation on July with all their receipts and boarding passes. Your travel claim will be processed once we receive these documents. Reimbursement of your travel costs submitted on July 4, and you will receive the reimbursement cheques in CDN dollars on July 8 or 11 (as claims are processed by the University of Toronto we can not give a guaranteed day for their arrival).

Financial Schedule -revised
July 4

All students to submit reimbursement claim for July per diem, no receipts required.

Non local students submit travel receipts, before noon, with receipts and boarding passes

July 8 or 11
Cheques for travel and per diem reimbursement available
Aug 2
All students to submit reimbursement claim for August per diem, no receipts required
Aug 12
Cheques for August per diem reimbursement available

Residence information for students who have been offered accommodation

During your participation in the Research Program accommodation will be provided for non-local students at Woodsworth College Residence (arrival Sunday July 3 to departure Saturday August 27). Note the residence has been prepaid by Fields you do not need to make any payment personally.
Closest subway stop is St.George, exit at St. George Street.

Students live in suite-style residences, four to six to a suite, with two bathrooms, a shared kitchen and living area. There are laundry facilities on the ground floor, plus 24-hour security, high-speed internet access, common areas and a Residence Life Program of social events. In addition the residence is just steps away from libraries, lecture halls and athletic facilities.

Woodsworth College Residence
University of Toronto
321 Bloor Street West (corner of St. George St. and Bloor St.)
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 1S5

Check in at the front desk, they will have your name on file.

What to Bring What not to bring
  • Clothes hangers
  • Personal Computer (note you will be given a Fields computer account and may use the Fields systems if you prefer)
  • Hair drier, curling irons, flat irons
  • Towels, washcloths
  • Personal toiletries (including toilet paper)
  • Health insurance information (unless Fields will be providing you with coverage)
  • Laundry detergent (can be purchased locally)
  • Umbrella and rain gear
  • Photo ID
You may want to purchase some common items with your suitemates such as a kettle, toaster, bath mat, etc.
  • Bedding, linen, and pillow will be provided
  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Candles and incense, smoking materials (the residence is smoke free)
  • Drapes or wall hangings
  • Lamps or furniture

Transporation From the Airport to Woodsworth Residence

The residence is approximately 13 km (8 miles) from Lester B. Pearson International Airport. The fastest way to get to the residence is to use public transit.

Bus service to and from Airport by Public Tansit -"194 Airport Rocket"

The TTC, Toronto's public transit, provides Airport Service and is the least expensive method of getting to and from downtown Toronto.
Here's bus service from the Airport to TTC Kipling Station take "194 Airport Rocket".
Service all day, every day, between Kipling Station and Pearson Airport, buses stop only at Kipling subway station.
Service operates from approximately 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., seven days a week. One-way travel time to the subway is approx. 20 minutes. See this link for maps and schedules:

Where to get the bus

Terminal 3 (Arrivals Level), and Terminal 2 (Arrivals Level).
Ask a transportation officer for the location of the TTC bus stop.Ensure you take the bus going to Kipling Station.
Fare is $3.00 cash CDN

Take the bus from the airport to the last stop, Kipling subway station. Go downstairs to the subway platform and get on any train, they only go one way, east, as Kipling is the last stop on the line.
Stay on the train to St. George Station. Get off it St. Goerge, use the exit toward the end of the train.

The closest subway station to Wordsworth Residence is St. George Station, take the St. George Street exit.Walk south to the intersection of St. George and Bloor, the residence is on the south-east corner.

TTC Bus from the airport

Coming out of St. George Subway Station

Woodsworth Residence

If you have questions please contact gensci(at)

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