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January - June 2011(Winter/Spring)
Thematic Program on Dynamics and Transport in Disordered Systems

D. Dolgopyat, University of Maryland
K. Khanin, University of Toronto Mississauga
R. de la Llave, University of Texas at Austin
A. Neishtadt, Loughborough University
J. Quastel, University of Toronto
B. Toth, Technical University Budapest

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Outline of Scientific Activities

The program will be divided into three parts each concentrated around a week long workshop. The first part of the program (January February) will be around stochastic processes and random walks . The second part is related to the heat transport and Fourier law (March-April), and the third part is about instabilities in the Hamiltonian systems (roughly May-June).

Distinguished Lectures

Coxeter Lecturers



Graduate courses

  • January 19- April, 2011
    Ergodic and Spectral Theory of Quasiperiodic Cocycles
    Instructor: Artur Avila

    This course will run on Wednesdays 2-3 pm and Fridays 1-3 pm
    Blyth Lecture Series March 16-18

  • February-May, 2011
    Stochastic Interacting Systems and Hydrodynamic Limits
    Instructors: Carlangelo Liverani, Jeremy Quastel, Balint Toth
    Part 3: Carlangelo Liverani
    From Dynamical Systems to Interacting Systems
    Taking place March 28, April 11, April 18, May 2 from 1-3 pm

  • Starting March 7, 2011
    Jeremy Quastel will be teaching a new graduate course "Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation from particle systems"

    Mondays 1-3 pm in Rm. 210, Fields Institute

  • January-May, 2011
    Averaging in Dynamical Systems
    Instructors: Nikolai Chernov, Dmitry Dolgopyat, Anatoly Neishtadt

    Anatoly Neishtadt's will present the course on January 31, February 2, and February 4 from 10-12 pm
    Dmitry Dolgopyat will present the course May 18, 25 and 27
    Nikolai Chernov will present the course June 1, 8 and 10
    Fields Institute Room 210 from 10-12 pm

Postdoctoral Fellows

The Thematic Program on Dynamics and Transport in Disordered Systems is pleased to welcome the following Postdoctoral Fellows to the Program:

Fields Ontario Postdoctoral Fellows

Ke Zhang, PhD (Pennsylvannia State)
Daniel Remenik, PhD (Cornell )

Fields Postdoctoral Fellows

Alex Castro, PhD (UC, Santa Cruz)
Alex Grigo PhD (Georgia Tech) Marsden PDF
Marcel Guardia, PhD (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
Ivan Matic, PhD (UC Berkeley)
Grigorio Moreno Flores, PhD (Universite Paris 7)
Tania Yarmola, PhD (New York University)

Postdoctoral Fellows and Program Visitors

We will support a number of Fields postdocs for the duration of the program, as well as offer support towards a visitors' program, including visiting Ph.D. students

All scientific events are open to the mathematical sciences community. Visitors who are interested in office space or funding are requested to apply by filling out the application form. Additional support is available (pending NSF funding) to support junior US visitors to this program. Fields scientific programs are devoted to research in the mathematical sciences, and enhanced graduate and post-doctoral training opportunities. Part of the mandate of the Institute is to broaden and enlarge the community, and to encourage the participation of women and members of visible minority groups in our scientific programs.

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