April 21, 2018

Workshop on Modelling Indirectly or Imprecisely Observed Data
December 10-12, 2009
at the University of Western Ontario

John Braun, University of Western Ontario
Patrick Brown, University of Toronto
Joan Hu, Simon Fraser University

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On-site registration will take place in the Western Science Centre (Paterson Building) on the 2nd floor .

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A wide variety of practical problems involve "indirect observations", "filtered information" or "imprecise data". The fields include medical research, epidemiology, environmetrics, finance and reliability. Suppose that inferences on a population quantity associated with a random element y of the space Y are of interest but the available observations are realizations of another random element x, an element of the space X, where the spaces Y and X are not necessarily the same and x=F(y) with F a mapping from Y to X. Here F can vary from individual to individual.

The workshop will focus on examples of the above formulation. In particular, we will consider panel counts over time (interval-censoring), general panel data (area-censoring), regression with measurement errors,missing data, and misclassification, masked or aggregated outcomes. Alongside these general approaches of indirectly/incompletely observed data, we will consider theoretical developments in smoothing and data sharpening. We will also consider emerging issues in spatial data analysis, such as disease mapping with spatial aggregation and spatio-temporal modeling with changing boundaries of spatial aggregation.

Keynote Speakers:

Charmaine Dean (Simon Fraser University)
Peter Hall
(University of Melbourne)
Linda Young (University of Florida)

Final List of Participants:

Full Name University Name
Abarin, Taraneh Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Acar, Elif Fidan University of Toronto
Bari, Abdellah  
Bhattacharyya, Samit University of Guelph
Braun, W. John University of Western Ontario
Brown, Patrick Cancer Care Ontario
Chenouri, Shojaeddin University of Waterloo
Dean, Charmaine Simon Fraser University
Dehghan, M. Hossein Laval University
Dixon, Stephanie The University of Western Ontario
Duchesne, Thierry Laval University
Earles, Jeffrey c/o A. Ahlog, at Umaine
Escudero, Nester Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado
Flint, Ortho University of Western Ontario
Ghosh, Suma York University
Hall, Peter University of Melbourne
Hu, Joan Simon Fraser University
Jiang, Hedy Cancer Care Ontario
Kang, Xiuli University of Western Ontario
Klar, Neil University of Western Ontario
Kulperger, Reg University of Western Ontario
Lei, Na University of Western Ontario
Li, Ye University of Toronto
Murdoch, Duncan University of Western Ontario
Nielsen, Jason Carleton University
Peterson, Derick University of Rochester
Rosychuk, Rhonda University of Alberta
Shakourifar, Mohammad University of Toronto
Sun, Yanqing University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Sylvestre, Marie-Pierre Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Tanatar, Andriy Bank of Montreal
Wang, Ching-Yun Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Wang, Liqun University of Manitoba
Wolters, Mark University of Western Ontario
Woolford, Douglas Wilfrid Laurier University
Xiong, Juan University of Western Ontario
Yi, Grace University of Waterloo
Young, Linda University of Florida
Zhang, Ying University of Iowa
Zhao, Lihui Harvard School of Public Health
Zhou, Lutong Cancer Care Ontario
Zivari Piran, Hossein University of Toronto

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