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May 22-23, 2009
Discrete Mathematics Days 2009
University of Ottawa

Mike Newman (University of Ottawa)
Daniel Panario (Carleton University)
Mateja Sajna (University of Ottawa)
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Discrete Mathematics Days is a forum for discrete mathematics researchers from the Ontario/Quebec area (and beyond!) to meet and collaborate. We cover combinatorics in a broad sense, including graphs, designs, finite fields, enumeration and algorithms.


P. J. Cameron (Queen Mary, University of London)
Rod Canfield (University of Georgia)
Problems and results in asymptotic combinatorics
Shuhong Gao (Clemson University)
New Directions in Multivariate Public Key Cryptography
Heather Jordon (Illinois State University)
Skolem-type Difference Sets for Cycle Systems
Marni Mishna (Simon Fraser University)
The combinatorics of walking around: Strategies for exact lattice path enumeration
Patric Östergård (Helsinki University of Technology)
Russian Doll Search for Clique-Type Problems

The Discrete Math Workshop will run for 2 days this year, Friday (May 22) and Saturday (May 23), and will include six one-hour invited talks by the above speakers as well as contributed talks.


Send abstracts to < mnewman AT uottawa DOT ca >, by 1 April 2009.

Participant List as of May 16

Fullname University/Affiliation Status
Arhin, John Marlboro College PDF
Bailey, Robert Carleton University PDF
Bashabsheh, Ali Carleton University Graduate Student
Bonato, Anthony Ryerson University Faculty w.Grant
Burgess, Andrea University of Ottawa Graduate Student
Burrill, Sophie Simon Fraser University Graduate Student
Cameron, Amy University of Ottawa Graduate Student
Cameron, Peter J. Queen Mary & Westfield College Senior Researcher
Canfield, E. Rodney University of Georgia Faculty
Danziger, Peter Ryerson University Faculty w.Grant
Epple, Dennis D.A. University of Victoria Graduate Student
Francetic, Nevena University of Toronto Graduate Student
Gao, Shuhong Clemson University Faculty
Garaschuk, Kseniya University of Victoria Graduate Student
Gosselin, Shonda University of Ottawa Graduate Student
Haghighi, Maryam University of Ottawa Graduate Student
Irving, John Saint Mary's University Faculty w.Grant
Jordon, Heather Illinois State University Faculty
Khatirinejad, Mahdad Helsinki University of Technology PDF
Kotsireas, Ilias Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty w.Grant
Laferriere, David Carleton University Graduate Student
Le, Anh Vinh Harvard University Graduate Student
Lewis, Christina   Other
López, Nacho Universitat de Lleida Faculty w.Grant
Maltais, Elizabeth University of Ottawa Graduate Student
Martinez, Conrado Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya Faculty w.Grant
Meagher, Karen University of Regina Faculty w.Grant
Mishna, Marni Simon Fraser University Faculty w.Grant
Moura, Lucia University of Ottawa Faculty/Researcher - with grant
Naserasr, Reza Carleton University Postdoctoral Fellow
Nasserasr, Shahla College of William and Mary Graduate Student
Newman, Mike University of Ottawa Faculty w.Grant
Niesink, Patrick University of Ottawa Graduate Student
Omar, Mohamed University of California, Davis Graduate Student
Omidi Koma, Behzad Carleton University Graduate Student
Östergård, Patric Helsinki University of Technology Faculty
Pampin, Victor Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay Graduate Student
Panario, Daniel Carleton University Faculty/Researcher - with grant
Panholzer, Alois Vienna University of Technology Faculty w.Grant
Rivas, Mariolys Simon Fraser University Graduate Student
Rodriguez, Adolfo Université du Québec à Montréal Graduate Student
Sackey, Edward BTH - Sweden Graduate Student
Sajna, Mateja University of Ottawa Faculty w.Grant
Sampson, Koffi   Unemployed
Sands, Bill University of Calgary Faculty without Grant
Seamone, Ben Carleton University Graduate Student
Shparlinski, Igor Macquarie University Faculty w.Grant
Stephen, Tamon Simon Fraser University Faculty w.Grant
Thomson, David Carleton University Graduate Student
Turgeon, Maxime University of Ottawa Undergraduate Student
Tzanakis, Georgios Carleton University Graduate Student
Viola, Alfredo Universidad de la República Faculty without Grant
White, George University of Ottawa Other



Since 2002, the Ottawa -- Carleton Discrete Mathematics Day has been held annually in the spring, alternating its location between Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. The meeting is an offspring of the Carleton Discrete Mathematics Days held in the past at Carleton University. (For more information on recent Discrete Mathematics Days please visit: