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May 12-13, 2006
Ottawa-Carleton Discrete Mathematics Day 2006
held at Carleton University, Ottawa

Lucia Moura from University of Ottawa
Brett Stevens, Qiang (Steven) Wang from Carleton University


Since 2002, the Ottawa -- Carleton Discrete Mathematics Day has been held annually in the spring, alternating its location between Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. The meeting is an offspring of the Carleton Discrete Mathematics Days held in the past at Carleton University. (For more information on recent Discrete Mathematics Days please visit,

Traditionally, the meeting consists of four one-hour invited talks presented in a single day, a Saturday. In addition, a fifth speaker is invited to give a colloquium talk in the Ottawa -- Carleton Institute of Mathematics and Statistics on the preceding Friday afternoon. The invited speakers, known for their eloquence of presentation and excellence in research, are chosen carefully to cover a broad range of topics and aspects of discrete mathematics. The Friday colloquium talk is addressed to a general audience of mathematicians. In contrast, this year the meeting will consist of invited talks and a session of contributed talks. The length of the meeting is extended to two full days.

Contributed Talks
The title and the abstract of contributed talks should be sent to Lucia Moura at by April 26, 2006.
Please note that another workshop in covering arrays
will be also held at Carleton University from May 14 to May 16.

The objective of the meeting is to gather researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students from the Ontario/Quebec area working in various fields of discrete mathematics in order to stimulate research collaboration in this vibrant interdisciplinary area. This year's invited speakers for the Discrete Mathematics workshop lead research in the areas of combinatorial structures and designs, combinatorial enumeration,finite fields, graph theory, and optimization. They have been involved in theoretical, applied, and algorithmic aspects of discrete mathematics.

Invited Speakers:

William Cook, Georgia Institute of Technology
Anthony Evans, Wright State University
Jonathan Jedwab, Simon Fraser University
Pierre Leroux, Université du Québec à Montréal
Kieka Mynhardt, University of Victoria


$20 for on-line registration fees, and $25 for on-site registration. Students, postdocs, and invited speakers exempt. On-line registration will close a week before the event.

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