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Thematic Program on the Geometry of String Theory
A joint program of the Fields Institute, Toronto & Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo

June 8-12, 2005
Workshop on Schubert Varieties
and Schubert Calculus

to be held at the Fields Institute

Organizing Committee:
Megumi Harada, Lisa Jeffrey, Alistair Savage, Alexander Yong


The topics of Schubert varieties and the intersection theory of Schubert calculus are at the crossroads of algebraic geometry, representation theory, symplectic geometry and combinatorics. The goal of this workshop is to introduce some of the themes of research in this subject through expository lectures and discussion sessions, as well as through research talks. In particular, we hope to facilitate interaction between mathematicians (including graduate students) in Toronto and the southern Ontario area.

A series of expository lectures will focus on:

1. Schubert varieties
2. Smoothness of Schubert varieties
3. Positivity problems in Schubert calculus
4. Borel's theorem and Schubert polynomials
5. Equivariant cohomology of flag varieties
6. Quantum cohomology of flag varieties
7. K-theory of flag varieties
8. Intersection theory of degeneracy loci

There is no registration fee but those planning to attend are asked to contact Alexander Yong at

Current Speakers/Participants:

Dave Anderson (Michigan)
Nantel Bergeron (York)
Mihai Beligan (York)
Anouk Bergeron-Brlek (York)
Emmanuel Briand (Universidad de Cantabria, Spain)
Linda Chen (Ohio State)
Philippe Choquette (York)
Megumi Harada (Toronto)
Christophe Hohlweg (Fields Institute)
Lisa Jeffrey (Toronto)
Joel Kamnitzer (UC Berkeley)
Hyu-Hwan Lee (Toronto)
Huilan Li (York)
John Manolo (Fields Institute)

Augustin-Liviu Mare (Regina)
Brian McDonnell (Ottawa)
Leonardo Mihalcea (Michigan)
Konstanze Rietsch
(King's College London)
Brian Rothbach
(UC Berkeley)
Alistair Savage (Toronto)
Tamon Stephen (McMaster)
Julianna Tymoczko (Michigan)
Nina White (UC Berkeley/Michigan)
Mathieu Willems (Toronto)
Alexander Woo (UC Berkeley)
Alexander Yong (UC Berkeley/Fields Institute)
Mike Zabrocki (York)

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