April 19, 2014

University of Toronto Summer Residences

Contact the residences directly to get more information or to book a room.
Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. All prices listed are in Canadian dollars.
As information and rates may change please check the locations webpage for details.

This information is presented as a matter of service only; there may be changes without notification. Users of this list communicate, enter into contracts, and do business with individuals, companies or firms at their own risk. The Directors, representatives or employees of The Fields Institute shall not be liable for any errors or omissions made in the compilation or printing of this list.

Also see Off Campus Residences

New College

40 Willcocks St.
Tel. 416-946-0529

Open: May 4 - August 24

Approx Rates (Rates vary based on the length of stay)
Single: $20.00-$42/night
Double: $30.00-$64/night

Three modern air-conditioned university dormitory residences. The rate depends on your length of stay. Rooms contain a bed, linen, towel, desk, chair, armoire, free wired internet access, in-room phone and more.

Victoria College

140 Charles St.W, Toronto
Tel. 416-585-4524

Open: Residence is offered only for the full period of May 03 – August 16, 2013.

Approx. Rates
Single : $2,475 - $2,675/term
Double :$3,385 - $3,585/term

A full cafeteria style breakfast is included daily, and maid service and linens are also provided.
Comments: 24hr access; linen and towels provided;daily maid service; full breakfast included;courtesy phone;laundry facilities;parking available. Apartment suites also available.

Innis College Residence

111 St. George Street
Tel. 416-978-2512

Open: May 5 - August 24
Minimum Stay: 30 days

Approx Rates
Single: $900/month; $2,700/term

All rooms at the Innis Residence are grouped together into self-contained 4 or 5 bedroom suites. Each suite has 1 to 2 washrooms, a full kitchen, and a furnished living room. Cost of accommodation includes weekly cleaning of the suite's common areas and Internet access, should you bring your own computer. Innis is fully air-conditioned during the summer months.

University College

Whitney Hall Residence, 85 St. George Street
Morrison Hall, 75 St. George Street

Tel. 416-978-2532
Open: May 7 - August 24

Minimum Stay: 1 week

Approx Rates

Single: $175 - $205/week, $605-$715/month, $1,800-$2,175/term
Double: $140-$150/week, $475-$500/month, $1,440-$1,535/term

Summer residents must be staff/students at any college/university in the world.
No nightly accomodation and guests must provide their own sheets and towels.

Trinity College Summer Residence

6 Hoskin Avenue
Reservations Office, Main Hall
Tel. 416-978-2522 ext. 2760
Open: May 5 - August 18
Minimum Stay: 7 nights

Approx Rates

Single: $42.50/night; $160/week; $2,160/term
Double: $30/night; $115/week

Summer Residence rooms will be primarily at St. Hilda's College (44 Devonshire). Rooms are dormitory style with shared washrooms and kitchenettes on each floor. Floors are designated male/female. Not wheelchair-accessible.

Woodsworth College

321 Bloor St. W. @ Bloor and St. George
Tel. 416-623-1685
Open: May 5 - August 20
Minimum Stay: 2 weeks

Monthly rates: $1,050.00/month
Weekly rates: $50.00/night

Suites have 4-6 single bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, living area and 2 washrooms. Amenities include air conditioning, high speed internet access, 24 hour security, exercise room and a study lounge on the 16th floor with breaktaking views of the CN tower and Toronto skyline. Cleaning services also available.

Massey College
4 Devonshire Place
Tel. 416-946-7843
Open: May 3 - August 15* (tentative)

Approx. Rates
Single: $53-$90/night; $330-$560/week; $1,060-$1,780/month.
Double: $86-$130/night; $530-$805/week; $1,690-$2,520/month

All rooms have basic furnishings (including a twin bed, linens, a large built-in desk, coffee table, work chair and reclining chair) and are serviced by the housekeeping staff. Double-occupancy rooms are furnished with two twin beds, one in the study and one in the bedroom. Only one internet jack is available in each room. All summer residents have access to a communal kitchen, a laundry room, recreation room, and private carrels for study, all of which are located on the lower level of the College.

St. Michael’s College

81 St. Mary St.
Tel. 416-926-2343
Open: May 5 - August 25

Approx Rates
Single: $45-$56.50/night, $190.50-$265.50/week
Double: $36-$43/night, $155-$211.15/week
Term: $2,163-$2,575

Housekeeping services, including fresh linen, are provided weekly.

Loretto College

A women's residence which is situated on the St. Michael's College campus.
70 St. Mary St.
Tel. 416-925-2833
Open: May 16 - August 21

Approx Rates
Single: $44/night; $189/week
Double:$72/night; $325/week

Sheets, towels, soap, and drinking glasses are provided in rooms. There is a weekly housekeeping service.

Knox College

59 St. George Street
Tels. 416-978-0168
Open: May 4 - August 23

Approx Rates

Single: $45-$55/night; $195-$220/week; $600-$665/month
Double: $35-$40/night; $145-$150/week; $465-$470/month

Accommodation consists of mostly single rooms with shared bathroom.
Double Rooms may be available upon request.

Off Campus

Planet Traveller

357 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1S5
Tel: 647-352-8747

College Street and Augusta, 5 minutes to Fields Insitute.
Dorm rooms: sleep 6 people in three bunks. Each dorm has lockers separate from the sleeping area, making sure everybody gets peace and quiet when they need it.

Beds in a dorm are $30 per night.

Private rooms:
two beds – a double below and a single above.
$75 per night, or $90 per night for three guests.

89 Chestnut St.

89 Chestnut Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1R1

Tel. 416-977-0707

Open: May 11 - Aug 20 2013
A minimum of one months stay is required for all student rates

Approx. Rates

Single : $1600.00/month
Double: $1,308/month

All the rooms are spacious, have 1 or 2 beds and feature an ensuite bathroom with amenities.

Neil-Wycik College

96 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON M5B 1G7
Tel: 416-977-2320 or 1-800-268-4358
*Canada & Northeastern U.S. Only
Fax: 416-977-2809
Available from May to August

700+ room co-operative is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Shared kitchens; VISA, MasterCard & Debit Cards accepted. Ammenties include: Breakfast Café, Laundry & Kitchen facilities, Daily housekeeping.

Tartu College

310 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1W4
Rental Office Tel: 416-925-9405
FAX (416)971-2244

Summer Accommodation CASH only

Restaurant; Coin laundry; Shared cooking facilities include individual fridge; Cash, Travelers cheques or money orders accepted.

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