December 18, 2018

Conference on automorphic forms and the trace formula,
in honour of James Arthur on the occasion of his 60th birthday

October 13-16, 2004 at The Fields Institute

Conference organizers:
Laurent Clozel, (Paris-South)
David Ellwood. (CMI)

Robert Kottwitz, (Chicago)
Fiona Murnaghan, (Toronto)
Freydoon Shahidi, (Purdue)
Conference supported by

MSRI-network conference

Clay Mathematics Institute

University of Toronto
Mathematics Dept.

and The Connaught Committee

National Science Foundation

Fields Institute


The trace formula is a powerful tool and one of the main techniques in attacking Langlands' Functoriality Conjecture and related problems in the Langlands program. James Arthur has almost single handedly developed this very complicated machinery since the begining of his career in the early 1970's and his contribution to the modern theory of automorphic forms may be considered as one of the most important. Recent years have seen exciting and real progress on different aspects of the Langlands program, including new results such as those of Lafforgue and Harris-Taylor in which the use of the trace formula has played important roles, as well as progress towards establishing the so called ``Fundamental Lemma'', the major stumbling block in the use of trace formula, which when resolved, even in certain special but important cases, should lead to some striking results in the theory of automorphic forms by means of Arthur's fundamental work on the trace formula.

The aim of this conference is to report on recent progress made on the Langlands Program with some emphasis on the trace formula approach, celebrating Arthur's contributions. It will consist of approximately 20 hour long lectures presented by leading international researchers in automorphic forms, the Langlands program and the trace formula, as well as related fields of Mathematics.
A number of the lectures will be of an expository nature.

Preliminary List of Speakers:

Joseph Bernstein, Tel Aviv University
William Casselman, University of British Columbia
Bao Chau Ngo, University of Paris 13
Laurent Clozel, University of Paris South
Stephen DeBacker, University of Michigan
Thomas Haines, University of Maryland
David Kazhdan, The Hebrew University
Henry Kim, University of Toronto
Robert Kottwitz, University of Chicago
Jean-Pierre Labesse, University of Paris 7
Robert Langlands, IAS
Erez Lapid, The Hebrew University
Gerard Laumon, University of Paris, Orsay
Werner Muller, University of Bonn
Michael Rapoport, University of Bonn
Peter Sarnak, Princeton University
Freydoon Shahidi, Purdue University
David Vogan, M.I.T.
Jean-Loup Waldspurger, University of Paris 7


Funding is available from the National Science Foundation for the support of U.S.-based Postdoctoral Fellows and graduate students as well as mathematicians without US government or NSF grants. Please note that as funds are limited priority will be given to PDF's and graduate students. Unfortunately as we have reached funding limits, applications for funding is now closed.

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