November 29, 2023

Thematic Program in Partial Differential Equations

Workshop on Patterns in Physics
November 14-18, 2003

Organizing Committee:
R. Almgren, N. Ercolani (Chair), D. Henderson, J. Lega, M. Pugh

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The study of natural pattern formation is a very broad area. The workshop will focus on selected topics in which new developments in physical sciences, related to pattern forming systems, are motivating or have the potential to motivate new research in PDEs. These topics center around Rayleigh-Bénard convection, wave patterns, reaction-diffusion systems, biological pattern formation including neural models, as well as fronts and interface evolution including atomistic models.

Confirmed Speakers:

Guenter Ahlers (UCSB)
Eberhard Bodenschatz (Cornell)
David Cai (NYU)
John Carter (Seattle)
Anne Catlla (Northwestern)
Guillemette Caulliez (IRPHE)
Rustum Choksi (Simon Fraser)
Bernard Deconinck (Washington)
Frédéric Dias (CMLA)
Arjen Doelman (Korteweg-de Vries Institute)
Karl Glasner (Arizona)
Matt Hopkins (Sandia National Laboratories)
Ray Kapral (Toronto)
Leah Keshet (UBC)
Panayotis Kevrekidis (Massachusetts)
Robert Kohn (Courant)
William Langford (Guelph)
Mark Lewis (Alberta)
Philip Maini (Oxford)
Huseyin Merdan (Pittsburgh)

Ehud Meron (Ben Gurion)
Jeff Moehlis (UCSB)
Stephen Morris (Toronto)
Thierry Passot (Obs. de la Côte d'Azur)
Mark Paul (CalTech)
Jens Rademacher (Minnesota)
A.J. Roberts (S. Queensland)
Bjorn Sandstede (Ohio State)
Harvey Segur (Colorado)
Eran Sharon (Jerusalem)
Patrick Shipman (Arizona)
Peter Thomas (Salk Institute)
Chad Topaz (UCLA)
Shankar Venkataramani (Chicago)
Michael Ward (UBC)
Stephen Watson (Northwestern)
Jon Wilkening (NYU)
Tom Witelski (Duke)
Aaron Yip (Purdue)
Wendy Zhang (Chicago)


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