November 29, 2023

Thematic Program on Partial Differential Equations

Fields Colloquium in Applied Mathematics 2003-2004


Jan. 12 Gregoire Loeper, The Fields Institute & Universite de Nice
The Inverse Problem for the Euler-Poisson System in Cosmology
Jan. 19 Adam Oberman,University of Texas at Austin
Building Solutions to Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
Jan. 26 Rafael Benguria, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Connection Between the Lieb-Thirring Conjecture for Schrodinger Operators and an Isoperimetric Problem for Ovals on the Plane
Feb. 2 Yakar Kannai, Weizmann Instititute and The Fields Institute
Real and complex approaches to Sub-Riemannian geometry and kernels associated with certain hypoelliptic operators
Feb. 9 Lars Jonsson, The Fields Institute
On Solitary Wave Dynamics in an External Potential
Feb. 16 No colloquium
Feb. 23 Neil Trudinger, Australian National University
Recent Applications of Monge-Ampere Type Equations
Feb. 24 David Nicholls, Notre Dame
Stable Numerical Methods for Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering
Mar. 1 No colloquium
Mar. 9
2:00 p.m.**

Frédéric Dias, CMLA
On the Stability of Solitary Waves

Mar. 15 No colloquium (Workshop on Nonlinear Wave Equations)
Mar. 22 Krzysztof Burdzy, University of Washington
Neumann Eigenfunctions and Brownian Couplings
Mar. 29 No colloquium (Workshop on Kinetic Theory)
Apr. 5 1:30 pm - E. B. Davies, King's College, London
Pseudospectra and Semi-Classical Analysis
3:10 pm - Wilfrid Gangbo, Georgia Institute of Technology
Michell Trusses and Extension of Vector Valued Maps
Apr. 12 No colloquium
Apr. 19 Roger Temam, Universite de Paris Sud
Mathematical Problems in Meteorology and Oceanography
Apr. 26 Alexander Mikhailov, University of Leeds
Variety of Integrable PDEs
May 3 No colloquium (Coxeter Lecture Series)
May 10
* 1:10 pm *
1:10 pm - Sergiu Klainerman, Princeton
On the bounded L^2 curvature conjecture
May 17 No colloquium (Workshop on Integrable and Near-Integrable Hamiltonian PDE)
May 24 No colloquium (Holiday)
May 31 tba


Sept 8 Giles Auchmuty, Houston University
Boundary-Value Problems for 3D Div. Curl Systems
Sept 15 Joceline Lega, University of Arizona
Instability of Local Deformations of an Elastic Filament
Sept 22 No colloquium (Short Course on Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Mechanics)
Sept 29 No colloquium (Short Course on Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Mechanics)
Oct. 6 No colloquium
Oct. 13 No colloquium (Thanksgiving Day)
Oct. 20 No colloquium (Coxeter Lecture Series)
Oct. 27 Gui-Qiang Chen, Northwestern University
Entropy Dissipation and Conservation Laws
Nov. 3 Dario Bambusi, University of Milan
Birkhoff Normal Form for Some Quasilinear Hamiltonian PDEs
Nov. 10 No colloquium
Nov. 17 No colloquium (Workshop on Patterns in Physics )
Nov. 24 Alexander Tovbis, The Fields Institute & University of Central Florida
Dec. 1 John Urbas, The Fields Institute & Australian National University
Self Similar Solutions of Gauss Curvature Flows
Dec. 8 No colloquium
Dec. 15 No colloquium
Dec. 22 No colloquium
Dec. 29 No colloquium

Audio and Slides from the colloquium are available here.

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