September 30, 2023

Workshop and Conference on
Infinite Dimensional Lie Theory and Its Applications

Workshop July 17-19, 2003
Conference July 21-25, 2003


B. Allison (Alberta)
S. Berman (Saskatoon)
Y. Billig (Carleton)
Y. Gao (York)
E. Neher (Ottawa)
A. Pianzola (Alberta).

The workshop will present some of the exciting new developments in the area of infinite dimensional Lie theory that took place in recent years.

The workshop will start with three series of lectures during the first 3 days (Thursday, July 17 through Saturday, July 19) given by C. Dong (Santa Cruz), S. Kumar (North Carolina) and J. Xiao (Tsinghua). Following these, there will be a conference scheduled from Monday, July 21 to Friday, July 25, featuring invited lectures. The workshop and conference schedule is available here.

Invited Conference Speakers:

S. Azam (Isfahan)
Y. Bahturin (Memorial)
P. Batra (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)
G. Benkart (Madison)
J. Buhl (Santa Cruz)
A. Duff (York)
P. Fiebig (Freiburg)
P. Gille (Paris)
D. Grantcharov (Riverside)
R. Griess (Michigan)
G. Hoehn (Freiburg)
I. Kantor (Lund)
M. Lau (Madison)
H. Li (Rutgers)
G. Mason (Santa Cruz)
O. Mathieu (Lyon)

D. Nakano (Georgia)
K.-H. Neeb (Darmstadt)
I. Penkov (Riverside)
A. Premat (York)
E. Rao (Tata)
B. Remy (Grenoble)
M. Roitman (Michigan)
O. Schiffmann (Paris)
M. Szczesny (Philadelphia)
G. Tudose (Fields Institute)
F. Wagemann (Nantes)
W. Wang (Virginia)
R. Wendt (Wien)
Y. Yoon (Yale)
Y. Yoshii (Madison)

Post-doctoral and Graduate Student Funding Support

Support is available for Post-doctoral and Graduate Students to participate in the Lie Theory Workshop and Conference. Support includes registration fees waiver and partial support of travel or local expenses. The number of supported post-doctoral and graduate students will be limited. Deadline for applications is May 1, 2003 but late applications will be considered if funds are available. Post-doctoral and graduate students applying for funding through the online application form do not need to submit the online registration form at the top of the page, as fees will be waived for successful applicants.

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