August 21, 2019

Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics
April 16-21, 2001

Organizing Committee:
Walter Craig (McMaster University)
Catherine Sulem (University of Toronto)

This workshop will be focused on the theory of PDE and their applications to problems in mathematical physics and applied mathematics. The analysis of PDEs and their applications has grown to be an enormous and many-faceted discipline. It furthermore has had a direct impact on theoretical areas of other physical sciences, as well as engendering advances in fields of engineering and technological areas of industry.

Our purpose is to provide for modes of cross-fertilization between a number of fields of PDE. This workshop is intended to bring together a prominent group of researchers in analysis, mathematical physics and applied mathematics, to present current work in their particular area of PDE, and to communicate the most important theoretical and applications oriented developments. The broad scope of the areas within PDE that are represented among the proposed participants and speakers is intended to create a spirit of exchange of information and ideas between specialized areas.

Supported by The Fields Institute and the Canada Research Chairs Program.