April 22, 2019
Mathematics Outreach Programs
supported by the Fields Institute

Call for Outreach Proposals
Cognitive Science

Fields Cognitive Science Network:
Empirical Study of Mathematics and How it is Learned

Nathan and Beatrice Keyfitz Lectures

Upcoming Lectures

Royal Canadian Institute Lectures

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Elementary and High School Mathematics

Math Circles

September 1, 2014 to April 30th, 2015
Archimedes Math Schools

November 8, 2014
Math In Motion...Girls in Gear
University of Toronto Scarborough

Caribou Contests
Every school year on 6 contest days (in Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Apr, May) 30 mathematics contests are held online in English and French for grades 3-12.

YouTube videos

SCM School of Competitive Math, Ottawa
The SCM School of Competitive Math was established in the summer of 2010, in Ottawa Ontario.
SCM School Competitive Math Ottawa provides a competitive environment to learn advanced math concepts, running since 2010. The program contains around 110 students registered in three levels
- Competitive math- grades 7-8, Sept-May,
- Competitive math -grade 9, Sept-May,
- Competitive math - grade 10, Sept- May, -7:00pm
Classes are organized on campus at Carleton University, Ottawa. The program is free of charge. In addition, the School will administer 17 math contests in the academic year 2013-2014. Details at www.competitivemath.org

Windows in Elementary Mathematics
The goal of the project is to provide students, parents and teachers with insights into mathematics how mathematicians think

Math Performance Festival
for grades 4-6 students and teachers.

CEMC Think about Math! Conference
Think About Math! (TAM) is designed to ignite enthusiasm in high school girls for mathematics.
University of Waterloo

Community Math Visits and Fairs



Undergraduate Opportunities

Community Math Visits and Fairs

Note, undergraduate students interested in Thematic Program Activities at Fields are welcome to register and apply for travel support if required.


Archive of Outreach Activities support by Fields

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