September 21, 2023


Fields Cognitive Science Network:
Empirical Study of Mathematics
and How it is Learned
Workshop on Mind in Mathematics: New Frontiers
March 21-23, 2013
at the Fields Institute, 222 College St., Toronto (map)
Marcel Danesi (Toronto), Rafael Núñez (UC,San Diego)
Dragana Martinovic (Windsor), Mariana Bockarova (Harvard), Stacy Costa (Toronto)
Registration on site March 21
Fees: Regular $50, Students $25,
Waived for invited speakers

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The focus of this workshop is to build a community of leading experts in this interdisciplinary area-mathematicians, linguists, cognitive scientists, historians, and semioticians from across the academic spectrum contributing in various ways to the workshop, from giving lectures to engaging in discussions. The topics include:

1. Notation, Logic, and Reasoning
2. Abstraction and Infinity
3. Where the curriculum comes from

The main objective is to gather perspectives on these topics from the interdisciplinary research community in order to gain insights into how mathematics is created, communicated, and learned, (or not learned), and to glean educational implications from this.

Thursday March 21, 2013
Stewart Library, Fields Institute
10:00 am

Welcome and Introduction:
Why the CogSci network, why this workshop — Mind in Mathematics: New Frontiers, and what are we trying to accomplish?
(Marcel Danesi (U. of Toronto) and Rafael Núñez (U. of California, San Diego)

10:20 am

John Mighton (JUMP Math, Fields Institute):
Lessons Learned From the JUMP Project

11:30 am

Short break

11:35 am
Discussion with John Mighton
Discussant: Brent Davis (U. of Calgary)
12:35 pm
1:30 pm
Marcel Danesi and students (U. of Toronto):
Semiotics, Modeling, and Discovery in Mathematics
2:40 pm
Short break
2:45 pm

Panel discussion on semiotics and mathematics with Marcel Danesi and students
Discussant: Luis Radford (Laurentian University)

6:00 pm
Keynote Speaker
Douglas Hofstadter (Indiana University)
The Ubiquity of Analogy in Mathematical Thought
Nathan and Beatrice Keyfitz Lectures in Mathematics and the Social Sciences - A Public Lecture Series
Location of Talk: HS 610 Health Sciences Building, 155 College Street (map)
Friday March 22, 2013
Stewart Library, Fields Institute
10:00 am
Rafael Núñez (U. of California, San Diego):
Mind in Mathematics: An Introduction (and presentation of the day's speakers)
11:00 am
Short break
11:15 am
Eleanor Robson (U. of Cambridge):
Writing and Thinking about Mathematics in Ancient Iraq
12:25 pm
Lunch Break
1:25 pm
Daniel Ansari (Western University):
The Numerate Brain: Development, Enculturation and Individual Differences
2:35 pm
Panel discussion with Eleanor Robson and Daniel Ansari:
Investigating the mind in mathematics: From Babylonia to the brain (Discussant: Rafael Núñez)
6:00 pm

Dinner: 6:30 P.M.
Lisbon by Night Restaurant
Address: 802 Dundas St. West Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1V3

Saturday March 23, 2013 (joint meeting with the Fields MathEd Forum):
Fields Institute , Room 230

10:00 am

Dragana Martinovic (U. of Windsor):
Digital Technologies and Mathematical Minds

11 am

Brent Davis (U. of Calgary):
Where Mathematics Curriculum Comes From

12:00 pm

Lunch on site

1:00 pm

Louis H. Kauffman (U. of Chicago):
Logical Connection and Topological Connection

2:10 pm

Break and farewell

2:30 pm

Organizational meeting of the Fields Cognitive Science Network

Registered Participants
* to be confirmed

Full Name University/Affiliation
Ansari, Daniel The University of Western Ontario
Bockarova, Mariana Harvard University
Costa, Stacy University of Toronto
Danesi, Marcel University of Toronto
Davis, Brent University of Calgary
Edwards, Laurie Saint Mary's College
Ghasemloo, Kaveh University of Toronto
Hetherington, Leslie* University of Toronto
Hirst, Graeme University of Toronto
Hofstadter, Douglas R. Indiana University
Kauffman, Louis H. University of Illinois at Chicago
Li, Qing York University
Martinovic, Dragana University of Windsor
Mighton, John JUMP Math
Muldoon, Martin York University
Nez, Rafael University of California, San Diego
Robson, Eleanor University of Cambridge
Sadi, Mahsa University of Toronto
Shorser, Lindsey University of Toronto
Thomas, Kevin York University
Zhang, Jun University of Michigan

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