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Then consider taking appropriate mathematics courses as part of your undergraduate degree.

There are and will be jobs for future teachers who are qualified to teach mathematics.

(This information was compiled by the Mathematics Teacher Education Task Force in April 2001. For the most up to date information, check with the Faculty of Education of your choice.)

In Ontario the majority of future teachers complete a Consecutive teacher education Program. This means that they will complete an undergraduate BA, or BSc, etc., degree and then apply to one of the ten Faculties of Education to do a BEd degree. Some of the Faculties of Education collaborate with other Faculties to offer a Concurrent teacher education Program in which future teachers complete a BSc, or BA, etc., degree concurrently with a BEd degree. In other words students in a Concurrent Program are registered in two Faculties at the same time. Depending on the university, students are admitted into Concurrent Programs either immediately after high school or after completing one or two years of university.

In Ontario a teacher completing a BEd degree will, if successful, be granted a teaching certificate at either the P/J (Primary/Junior - teaching qualification for teaching Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6), J/I (Junior/Intermediate - teaching qualification for teaching Grades 4 to 10), or I/S (Intermediate/Senior - teaching qualification for teaching Grades 8 to OAC) levels or divisions.

The information that follows has been selected for anyone interested in becoming a teacher, whether you are now in high school or in university. If you are seriously considering becoming a teacher at any level we urge you to consider taking appropriate mathematics courses as part of your education. Ontario has a real and projected shortage of mathematics teachers at all levels. Projections show that Ontario is preparing only 44% of the number of secondary school mathematics teachers that will be required in the next five to ten years.

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