June 18, 2024

Past Activities in Commercial Industrial Math
July 1999 - June 2000

1999 - 2000 Financial Mathematics Seminars Series

General Commercial Industrial Math Activities

June 21, 2000
GARP, Global Association of Risk Professionals
Brian Ranson, Executive Managing Director, Credit Investment Management,Bank of Montreal
The Evolution of Credit Risk Management

April 11-12 and June 28-29, 2000
Probability Theory and Modern Finance

May 18, 2000
Robert Mark and Michel Crouhy, CIBC
Internal Rating Systems And Credit Risk Modelling For Capital Allocation
This will also be the first meeting of the GARP Toronto Chapter

May 15-16, 2000
Quantitative Methods for Credit Risk Management

February 1-4, 2000
Data Analysis for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Commercial and Industrial Mathematics Seminars

November 22, 1999 -
Dr. Chen Wei Xu, Bank of Montreal,
An Overview of Datamining and its Challenges in a Banking Environment

November 8, 1999
Murray Campbell, IBM TJ Watson Research Center,
Web Mining

November 5, 1999
David Heckerman, Microsoft Research,
Causal Discovery from Non-Experimental Data

October 25, 1999
Andrei Broder, Alta Vista ,
Document Reseblance and Related Issues