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Past Activities in Commercial Industrial Math
July 1997 - June 1998

1997 - 1998 Financial Math Seminars

April 9, 1998
Andre Hagley (Nortel Advanced Components)
Numerical Simulation in Electronics
Professor Adalbert Konrad (University of Toronto)
The Saga of Spurious Solutions in Computational Electromagnetics

March 12, 1998
Barry M. Trager (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Deterministic Polynomial Factorization over Finite Fields for use in Error Correction in Disks
Stephen M. Watt (University of Western Ontario)
Preconditioning nonlinear constraint systems with Groebner bases

February 19, 1998
Professor I.B. Turksen (University of Toronto)
Fuzzy Logic and Control Fuzzy information granularity and systems modelling
M. Dudzic, P.Eng. (Dofasco)
Comments on the application of fuzzy logic in the steel industry
Dr. C.A. Naranjo (University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre) Dr. B. Sproule (University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
Examples of applications of fuzzy logic to clinical pharmacology"
Professor V.J. Davidson (University of Guelph)
Fuzzy techniques in food processing

November 13, 1997
• Bruce Mack, Spar Space Systems, Brampton
Analysis Tools For Engineering Design
• Peter C. Hughes, Institute for Aerospace Studies
Some Mathematical Aspects of Robot Dynamics and Control

November 13, 1997
Peter Bell, High Impact Management Science
Dave Martell, Fire and Forest Management Systems

October 9, 1997
Scott Vanstone, Certicom Corp. and University of Waterloo
The Role of Elliptic Curves in Applied Cryptography
Charles Rackoff, University of Toronto
What an Academic Scientist Thinks that People in Industry Should Know about Cryptography
Turab Lookman, University of Western Ontario and Pei Yu, University of Western Ontario
A Dynamic Encryption Technology Using Chaos Theory