Industrial Mathematics Seminar

Sponsored jointly by the Fields Institute
the University of Toronto

November 13, 1997

"Analysis Tools For Engineering Design"
Bruce Mack
Manager of Operations, Controls and Analysis,
Spar Space Systems, Brampton

"Some Mathematical Aspects of Robot Dynamics and Control"
Peter C. Hughes, Institute for Aerospace Studies


"Analysis Tools For Engineering Design"

This talk will be about how advanced computer analysis tools are used to bring an idea for a robot system into reality. Working on both space and terrestrial robotic systems, these systems include Canada's Mobile Servicing System for the International Space Station program, a Geosynchronous Satellite Servicing system for the German Space Agency and a multi-purpose vehicle-robot system for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor program.

"Some Mathematical Aspects of Robot Dynamics and Control"

The dynamics of the complex manipulators now being build for space will be overviewed, without mathematical detail, but with some comment on the more mathematically interesting aspects, including kinematic topologies, flexible links, and instances of nonlinearity. Some remarks will also be made on the control of such robotic manipulators, including sliding modes and neural net. Some personal viws will also be expressed on the different approaches that mathematicians and engineers tend to take.


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