Resources for Speakers

June 20, 2024

Audio Visual Resources and FieldsLive

It is practice to video record all talks as a resource for our partner universities and the scientific community. It would be available both for viewing live and later through our video archive. Let us know in advance if you prefer not to be recorded or streamed.

Fields staff will assist you with all audiovisual equipment including a wireless microphone a few minutes before your talk. Our standard audio-visual equipment provided for a talk with slides is a screen with data projector and Fields laptop computer if needed. In addition our lecture room is equipped with chalk boards for your use.

The standard options for slides are:
1. The preferred and most reliable option is a PDF file presented on a Fields computer. Please send us your slides in advance or bring them on a USB key as soon as you arrive.

2. A PowerPoint presentation (any format) from your own laptop. Please bring your laptop at least 15 minutes in advance of the talk so we can ensure its video signal is compatible with our capture equipment.

3. A PowerPoint presentation on a Fields computer. This is the least reliable option as differences in fonts and PowerPoint versions may cause formatting problems. Please send your slides in advance, and please also include a version saved in the old "2000/XP" format to use as a backup in case of problems with a newer version.

Please let the Program Coordinator for your event know in advance what AV set-up you will be using.