November 28, 2023

Special Year on Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

Mini-symposium on Extremal Graph Theory

March 13 to 16, 2000


Extremal graph theory and extremal hypergraph theory are core areas of combinatorics. Extremal graph theory was basically started by Turán and was influenced greatly by the results of Paul Erdös: in fact, it was among his favorite fields. Both areas, especially the theory of hypergraphs, have developed considerably since the publication of Bollobás' excellent monograph "Extremal graph theory" (1978).

In this miniseries we are going to review the basics of Turán theory and point out connections to coding theory and other fields. Several open problems will be discussed during the lectures and in the afternoon seminars.


André Kündgen, University of Toronto

Speakers and Tentative Talks

Zoltán Füredi
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and Rényi Institute, Budapest
  • New developments in the theory of bipartite Turán type problems
  • Applications in coding theory and Ramsey theory
  • Extremal problems on triple systems
  • An overview of Erdös' hypergraph problems

Miklós Simonovits
Rényi Institute, Budapest and University of Memphis:

  • Four proofs of Turán's graph theorem
  • Asymptotic structure of extremal graphs
  • Graphs of large girth, Ramanujan graphs
  • Quasi random classes of graphs