May 28, 2018

Causal Interpretation and Identification of Conditional Independence Structures

Seminar 2 - Relating Causal Structure to Conditional Independence Structure
Schedule for October 12 - 19, 1999

October 12 October 13 October 14 October 15 October 18
11:00 a.m.
Jamie Robins
Harvard University
Direct Effects and Faithfulness
David Galles
University of San Francisco
Axioms for Causal Relevance
Vanessa Didelez
University of Munich
Separation in Local Independence Graphs
Mik Bickis
University of Saskatchewan
Causal Issues in Biostatistics
Radford Neal
University of Toronto
Identifying Independence in Causal Graphs with Feedback
1:30 p.m.
Arthur Dempster
Harvard University
Current Thinking on
Causation with Examples
Michael Eichler
University of Heidelberg
Causal Graphs for Time Series
Paolo Giudici
University of Pavia
Efficient reversible jump mcmc
proposals for model choice
in graphical models
Babette Brumback
University of Washington
Potential Outcomes, Confounding,
and Conditional Independence
Thomas Richardson
University of Warwick
and Peter Spirtes
Carnegie Mellon University
Causal Inference from
Independence in Observational Data