April 23, 2024

Program in Probability and Its Applications

Workshop on Mathematical Physics of Polymers and Percolation
Monday August 24, 1998 -- Saturday August 29, 1998

Scientific and Organizing Committee

J. Cardy (University of Oxford), F. den Hollander (University of Nijmegen), G. Slade (McMaster University), S. Whittington (University of Toronto).

Invited speakers

  • M. Aizenman (Princeton University)
  • M. Batchelor (Australian National University)
  • M. Bousquet-Melou (Université Bordeaux 1)
  • C. Borgs (Microsoft Research)
  • A. Burchard (Princeton University)
  • J. Cardy (Oxford University)
  • J.T. Chayes (Microsoft Research and UCLA)
  • A.J. Guttmann (University of Melbourne)
  • T. Hara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • F. den Hollander (University of Nijmegen)
  • E.J. Janse van Rensburg (York University)
  • G. Lawler (Duke University)
  • A. Owczarek (University of Melbourne)
  • A. Pisztora (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Y. Saint-Aubin(CRM, Université de Montréal)
  • H. Saleur (University of Southern California)
  • G. Slade(McMaster University)
  • T. Spencer (Institute for Advanced Study)
  • S.G. Whittington (University of Toronto)

Schedule of Talks