April 14, 2024

Kolmogorov Lecture Series September 1998 - June 1999

September 18, 1998
Harry Kesten (Cornell University) Percolation of arbitrary words in {0,1}N

October 13, 1998
Béla Bollobás (University of Memphis and Cambridge University) Colourings and Hereditary Properties of Graphs

Novembear 17, 1998
Charles Newman (Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences) Stochastic Dynamics at Zero Temperature

December 8, 1998
Geoffrey Grimmitt (University of Cambridge) An Epidemic with Removal

January 26, 1999
Hans Föllmer (Humboldt Universität - Berlin) Probabilistic Problems Arising From Finance

February 9, 1999
Burgess Davis (Purdue University) Perturbed and Reinforced Random Walks

March 23, 1999
Krzysztof Burdzy (University of Washington) Hot Bodies

April 15, 1999
Michel Talagrand (Université du Paris VI and Ohio State University) Probability and Spin Glasses

May 5, 1999
J. Michael Steele (University of Pennsylvania) Probability Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

June 10, 1999
Lawrence A. Shepp (Rutgers University) Three Studies in Applied Probability