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Workshop Microlocal Analysis and Mathematical Physics
September 8 -14, 1997

Monday, Sept. 8  
09.00-09.05 D.Dawson Director's Address
Chair: J.Sj\"ostrand
09.05-09.55 I.M.Sigal The Ginzburg-Landau equation (joint work with Stephen Gustafson)
09.55-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 S.Zelditch Level spacings and eigenvalue correlations
11.20-12.10 G.M.Graf Stability of non-relativistic matter and ultraviolet cutoff QED Chair: B.Helffer
14.00-14.50 F.Nier The dynamics of some quantum open systems with short range non linearities
15.00-15.50 A.Fedotov Almost periodic Schr\"odinger equations. Adiabatic case. II
16.00-16.50 A.Sobolev Absolute continuity of the periodic magnetic Schr\"odinger operator Chair: I.M.Sigal
14.00-14.50 M.B.Ruskai A bound on the maximum negative ionization of one-dimensional models for many-electron atoms in extremely strong magnetic fields
15.00-15.50 R.Pyke Positive commutator methods for nonlinear wave equations: minimal periods and exponential decay of time-periodic solutions
16.00-16.50 A.M.Horn Microlocal methods in control and stabilization of elastic systems


Tuesday, Sept. 9 Chair: V.Ivrii
09.00-09.50 V.Bach Renormalization group analysis of spectral problems in quantum field theory
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 H.Siedentop Stability of relativistic quantum systems
11.20-12.10 D.Robert Semi-classical spreading of quantum wave packets and trace formulas. Chair: J.Ralston
14.00-14.50 B.Helffer Laplace integrals in large dimensions
15.00-15.50 F.Klopp Almost periodic Schr\"odinger equation. Adiabatic case. I
17.00-17.50 V.Petkov Scattering poles for several strictly convex obstacles Chair: A.Grigis
15.00-15.50 S.Spagnolo Some global existence results for nonlocal hyperbolic Cauchy problems
17.00-17.50 B.Buzano Spectral Asymptotics for Hypoelliptic Operators


Wednesday, Sept. 10 Chair: A.Melin
09.00-09.50 A.Grigis Examples of quantization conditions
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 B.Vainberg Resonances for multistratified acoustic strip and ellastic half space
11.20-12.10 A.Soffer Time dependent resonance theory and applications Chair: A.Laptev
14.00-14.50 P.Kerdelhue Resonances generated by a critical point of the potential
15.00-15.50 T.Ramond Semiclassical resonances in dimension one Chair: V.Petkov
14.00-14.50 P.Kuchment Periodic differential operators and photonic crystals
15.00-15.50 X.P.Wang An inverse problem related to channel scattering operatorsX.P.Wang An inverse problem related to channel scattering operators
17.00-17.50 S.McDowall An Inverse Problem in Chiral Media


Thursday, Sept. 11 (Niagara Falls trip) Free day


Friday, Sept. 12 Chair: G.Uhlmann
09.00-09.50 A.Dynin Rigorous functional integration via microlocal analysis
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 L.Seco The arithmetic nature of atomic structures
11.25-12.15 A.Sa Barreto Existence of Resonances in Metric and Potential Scattering Chair: A.Sa Barreto
14.00-14.50 D.Pravica Spectral resonances which become eigenvalues
15.00-15.50 G.Vodev Existence of resonances close to the real axis Chair: A.Soffer
14.00-14.50 M.Solomyak The regular and the pathological behaviour for the problem $-u''=Vu$ on the semiaxis
15.00-15.50 T.Paul Excited levels in a well and Nekhoroshev's theorem


Saturday, Sept. 13 Chair: V.Buslaev
09.00-09.50 A.Melin The characterization problem for scattering matrices and microlocal decomposition of wave operators
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 B.Paneah A problem in integral geometry with application to the Dirichlet problem for hyperbolic differential equations
11.20-12.10 G.Zhislin Method of fixation of pseudomomentum for many particle neutral systems in magnetic fields: the hopes and the results
  We are hiking in a ravine!


Sunday, Sept. 14 Chair: P.Greiner
10.00-10.50 Y.Kannai Hyperbolic methods for second-order linear equations
10.50-11.20 Coffee Break
11.20-12.10 M.Birman Second order periodic elliptic operators. When the spectrum is absolute continuous? Chair: M.Zworski
14.00-14.50 M.Joshi Recovering singularities of potentials from backscattering data
15.00-15.50 P.Stefanov Inverse scattering by metrics (joint work with G.Uhlmann) Chair: M.Solomyak
14.00-14.50 A.Komech Long-time asymptotics and attractors of nonlinear wave equations
15.00-15.50 S.Graffi Quantization of toral symplectomorphisms and deterministic models with glassy behaviour in statistical mechanics