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Workshop Microlocal Methods in Geometric Analysis

October 27 - November 3, 1997

Monday, Oct 27  
08.55-09.00 D.Dawson Director's Address Chair: R.Melrose
09.00-09.50 V.Guillemin Traces on certain algebras of pseudodifferential operators
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 J.Bruening Heat asymptotics for singular problems
11.20-12.10 J.Derezinski Asymptotic completeness in nonrelativistic quantum field theory Chair: W.Craig

A.Comech Regularity properties of the Melrose-Taylor Radon transform
14.55-15.40 J.Tie The explicit solution of the `D-bar'-Neumann problem in the non-isotropic siegel domain Chair: V.Ivrii
14.00-14.45 B.Levitan Fourier analysis for vector-valued Sturm-Liouville problems
14.55-15.40 B.-W.Schulze Pseudo-differential calculus on manifolds witha corners
Tea break
R.Melrose Fields Distinguished Lecture. I.


Tuesday, Oct 28 Chair: B.Levitan
09.00-09.50 C.Epstein Microlocal analysis and CR-manifolds
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 D.Tataru Local and global results for semilinear hyperbolic equations
11.20-12.10 N.Dencker A new type of estimate on Hilbert spaces Chair: P.Perry
14.00-14.45 W.Craig Scattering and regularity of the Schroedinger equation
R.Froese Upper bounds for the resonance counting function
15.40-16.30 Tea break
16.30-17.15 D.Borthwick Scattering theory and deformations of asymptotically hyperbolic metrics Chair: E.Leichtnam
14.00-14.45 R.Brunetti Renormalization in quantum field theory on curved backgrounds as extension of distributions throug microlocal analysis
14.55-15.40 P.Piazza On the Novikov conjecture on manifolds with boundary
15.40-16.30 Tea break
C.Winfield Local solvability of some PDO's on the Heisenberg group


Wednesday, Oct 29 Chair: S.Zelditch
09.00-09.50 M.Taylor Progress in the use of layer potentials
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 R.Mazzeo Nonlinear gluing via infinite dimensional Lagrangian intersections
11.20-12.10 G.Eskin Some inverse scattering problems Chair: J.Bruening
14.00-14.45 E.Leichtnam About an index theorem for operators of Toeplitz type
14.55-15.40 T.Paul Quasimodes associated to resonant elliptic periodic a trajectories Chair: M.Taylor
14.00-14.45 L.Parnovski Scattering matrix for scattering metrics
L.Ji Sharp bounds on the Green functions and heat kernel for symmetric spaces
15.40-16.20 Tea break
16.20-17.20 R.Melrose


Thursday, Oct 30 Chair: B.-W.Schulze
09.00-09.50 J.-M.Delort Second microlocal ellipticity and long timea existence for semilinear Klein-Gordon equation
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 N.Lerner Microlocal energy estimates
11.20-12.10 A.Laptev Bounds on the eigenvalues of some partial differential operators
Chair: J.Rauch
M.Williams Highly oscillatory multidimensional shocks
E.Schrohe Boundary value problems on manifolds with edges
15.40-16.30 Tea break
16.30-17.15 M.Rouleux Scattering and Wigner measures
Chair: Lizhen Ji
14.00-14.45 T.Christiansen Spectral asymptotics for compactly supported perturbations of the Laplacian on R^n
14.55-15.40 L.Farhy Lower bounds on the number of resonances near the critical line
15.40-16.30 Tea break
16.30-17.15 L. Guillope Resonances for Riemann surfaces

Friday, Oct 31 Chair: M.Zworski
09.00-09.50 G.Uhlmann Microlocal analysis and inverse problems
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 W.Mueller Scattering theory and locally symmetric manifolds of finite volume
11.20-12.10 P.Perry The scattering operator and quasi-conformal deformations of Kleinian groups Chair: V.Guillemin
14.00-14.45 J.Toth Holomorphic heat kernels and bounds for Hardya functions
14.55-15.40 C.Nolan Global solution of an inverse problem for the acoustical wave equation
Chair: A.Laptev
14.00-14.45 L.Kapitanski On some nonlinear problems of geometric origin
14.55-15.40 S.Zelditch Pair correlations measures for spectral and scattering problems
15.40-16.20 Tea break
16.20-17.20 R.Melrose
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Saturday, Nov 1
Chair: W.Mueller
09.00-09.50 M.Ikawa On poles of zeta functions for several convex bodies
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 D.Yafaev Singularities of the scattering amplitude for the Schroedinger equation with a long-range potential
A.Vasy Propagation of singularities in three-body scattering Chair: G.Metivier
14.00-14.45 A.Greenleaf Fourier integral operators with fold and cusp singularities
J.Wunsch Propagation of growth and singularities for Schroedinger operators
15.40-16.30 Tea break
16.30-17.15 P.Guan Regularity of degenerate Monge-Ampere equations Chair: V.Buslaev
14.00-14.45 G.Rozenblioum On estimating the number of negative eigenvalues of Schrodinger and other operators
14.55-15.40 L.Rachele An inverse problem in elastodynamics
15.40-16.30 Tea break
16.30-17.15 A.Uribe Applications of Hermite FIOs to dispersionless Toda and geometric quantization


Sunday, Nov 2 Chair: D.Yafaev
09.00-09.50 J.Rauch Diffractive nonlinear geometric optics
09.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.20-11.10 G.Metivier Global solutions to Maxwell equations in a ferromagnetic medium
11.20-12.10 G.Popov Contribution of degenerate periodic orbits to the wave trace Chair: G.Popov
14.00-14.45 D.Geller Pseudodifferential and analytic pseudodifferential operators on nilpotent groups

C.Judge Large eigenvalues and short geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces Chair: G.Uhlmann


Sunday, Nov 3  
14.00-14.45 G.Salomonsen APS boundary conditions for manifolds with corners
14.55-15.40 R.Novikov Scattering transform and its inversion for the N-body Schroedinger equation at high energies