April 14, 2024

Singularity Theory and Geometry
Informal Workshop on Valuations

March 31 - April 4, 1997

An informal workshop on valuation theory is being held as a part of the Singularity Theory and Geometry program. The main purpose is to collect, systematize and summarize the existing body of knowledge about valuations, especially in what relates to desingularization, the space of curves and ``Nash's dream'', or the hypothetical theory of geometric resolution of singularities. There will also be a few talks about valuations in model theory, where there have been several exciting recent developments, including the study of subanalytic sets and model theory of valued fields in positive characteristic.

Mathematicians who are participating:

Julio Castellanos (Madrid),
Vincent Cossart (Paris),
Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann (Heidelberg and Toronto),
Salma Kuhlmann (Heidelberg and Toronto),
Monique Lejeune-Jalabert (Grenoble),
Ana Reguera (Valladolid),
Mark Spivakovsky (Toronto),
Bernard Teissier (Paris).

Bernard Teissier will give a mini-course on valuations during a period that includes the workshop.

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