December  4, 2023

Photos of
A Celebration of Mathematics in the Arts in Honour of
the 90th Birthday of H.S.M. (Donald) Coxeter

February 9, 1997

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Frederick Helson unveils "Intuition"

Frederick Helson
and Ronnie Brown
"Intuition", a sculpture by John Robinson, was placed in the front garden of the Fields Institute in recognition of Professor Coxeter's birthday (Donated by Damon de Laszlo and Robert A. Hefner III, supported by John Chadam, Frederick Helson and James Stewart)

Frederick Helson, John Chaddam,
Ronnie Brown, Don Coxeter

Professor HSM (Don) Coxeter
and Mrs. Coxeter

Mrs. Coxeter, Prof. Coxeter,
and John Chaddam

Professor Coxeter reads
Intuition sculpture plaque

Prof. Coxeter and Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown of the School of Mathematics, University of Wales, Bangor, gave a public lecture called "The Symbolic Sculptures of John Robinson: Geometry, Values, Forms and Structures"

Profs Coxeter and Duff
Professor Coxeter gave a public lecture called
"Three Geometric Artists: John Robinson,
George Odom and M.C. Escher"

Profs Brown and Coxeter

John Robinson's sculpture FIRMAMENT was given to Professor Coxeter as a birthday present from Robinson by Ronnie Brown at the Fields Institute. The top sphere comes apart into two halves and now contains Donald's letter to John describing the mathematics of the sculpture. The sculpture was later donated by Professor Coxeter to York University.