December  3, 2023

Conference in Honour of Vladimir Arnol'd
June 15-21, 1997


MONDAY, June 16
Chair: R.V. Moody
9:00-10:00 A. Varchenko
10:30-11:30 M.E. Kazarian --Functions on the Circle: Singularities and Invariants
11:30-12:30 Y. Eliashberg
2:00-3:00 M. Golubitsky
3:30-4:30 J.E. Marsden --The Dynamics and Geometry of Nonholonomic Mechanics
4:30-5:30 V. Arnol'd --From the Hilbert Superposition Problem to Dynamical Systems

TUESDAY, June 17
Chair: A. Varchenko

9:00-10:00 R.V. Moody -- Selfsimilarity and Diffraction in Quasicrystals
10:30-11:30 David Ebin --Motion of Perfect Fluids with Surface Tension
11:30-12:30 John Harnad --Loop Groups, R-Matrices and Liouville-Arnold Integrations
2:00-3:00 P. Holmes --Constrained Euler Buckling
4:30-5:30 J.W. Milnor

Chair: A. Khovanskii

9:00-10:00 E. Bierstone --Resolution of Singularities
10:30-11:30 R. de la Llave --Renormalization and Smooth Conjugacy
11:30-12:30 S. Wiggins --Arnold Diffusion: Issues and Recent Results
2:00-3:00 V.A. Vassiliev
3:30-4:30 V.I. Yudovich
4:30-5:30 V. Arnol'd -- Polymathematics: Symplectization, Complexification, and So On

Chair: V.A. Vassiliev

9:00-10:00 K. Moffatt --Relaxation Under Topographical Constraints
10:30-11:30 V. Vladimirov-- Hydrodynamic Equilibrium States: Topology and Stability II
11:30-12:30 S. Tremaine --The stability of the solar system: an astronomer's view
2:00-3:00 T. Ratiu --Reduction by Stages
4:30-5:30 S. Smale -- Great Problems

FRIDAY, June 20
Chair: E. Bierstone

9:00-10:00 P. Slodowy-- On Simple Singularities and Lie Groups
10:30-11:30 D. Fuchs --Deformations of Lie Algebras
11:30-12:30 A. Khovanskii
2:00-3:00 Y.S. Ilyashenko
3:30-4:30 B. Khesin --Holomorphic linking number and gauge groups on complex manifolds
4:30-5:30 V. Arnol'd -- Topologically Necessary Wavefront Singularities, the Sturm-Hurwitz Theorem on Fourier Series and Higher Derivative Extensions of Morse (Conley-Zehnder-Chekanov-Chaperon -Floer) Theory

Chair: T. Ratiu

9:00-10:00 A. Giventhal
10:30-11:30 A. Vershik
11:30-12:30 Y. Yomdin --Algebraic Differential Equations: Geometry of Solutions and of the First Return Mapping and Algebra of Taylor Coefficients
2:00-3:00 O. Bogoyavlenskij --The Lie Algebraic Criteria for the Arnold and Kolmogorov Non-Degeneracy of the Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
3:30-4:30 A. Neishtadt -- On stability loss delay for dynamical bifurcations