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Workshop on Geometric Model Theory
January 13-17, 1997

This workshop will concentrate on model theory and various applications to, and interactions with, other areas of mathematics. There will be expository talks as well as talks on current research. Among the topics represented will be stability theory and simple theories, the model theory of differential fields, difference fields and applications to geometry and number theory, groups of finite Morley rank and o-minimal analogues, and some model theory of analytic structures. This workshop is part of the program on Algebraic Model Theory held during 1996-1997 at The Fields Institute

Main Speakers

In addition to those already resident at The Fields Institute for the program on Algebraic Model Theory, speakers and participants will include:
  • A. Borovik, University of Manchester Institute of Science
  • E. Bouscaren, UniversitÚ de Paris VII
  • A. Buium, University of New Mexico
  • Z. Chatzidakis, UniversitÚ de Paris VII
  • G. Cherlin, Rutgers University
  • F. Delon, UniversitÚ de Paris VII
  • W.A. Hodges, Queen Mary College, London
  • A. Macintyre, Oxford University
  • H.D. MacPherson, University of Leeds
  • D. Marker, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • L. Newelski, Wroclaw University
  • Y. Peterzil ,University of Haifa
  • B. Poizat, UniversitÚ de Lyon
  • M.F. Singer, North Carolina State University
  • S. Starchenko, Vanderbilt University
  • J.F. Voloch, University of Texas at Austin
  • F. Wagner, Oxford University
  • M. Ziegler, Universitńt Freiburg
  • B. Zil'ber, Kemerovo State University

During the workshop, E. Hrushovski will give a series of lectures as part of the Robinson Lecture Series.

Organizing Committee

E. Hrushovski, Hebrew University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, D. Lascar, Universite de Paris VII; A. Pillay, University of Illinois