April 17, 2024

CAMS 1997 Contributed Papers

Contributed Papers I
Algorithms, Software and Applications
Alexander Levin Regularization Algorithms for Inverse Heat Conduction Problems
Paulina Chin An Optimization Approach for Approximate Polynomial GCDs
Thomas F. Fairgrieve Reliable and Accurate Software for Evaluating the Complex Arctangent Function
Richard Charron Technical Writing in an Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum: MUN's Experience
Hashim A. Saber The Singular Value Decomposition and its Applications

Contributed Papers II
Boundaries, Layers and Interfaces
Peter Y.H. Pang On the Uniqueness of the Inverse Obstacle Scattering Problem with Transmission boundary Conditions
A.S. Deakin Nonreflecting Boundary Condition for the Helmholtz and Wave Equation
Serpil Kocabiyik On a Transverse Superimposed Oscillation
Remi Vaillancourt Layer Approximation Method for Flaw Detection by Eddy Current Testing
A. Bourlioux A Priori Testing of a Scaling Lay for Turbulent Premixed Flames

Contributed Papers III
Dynamical Systems and Numerical Methods
E.A.D. Foster Organized Bifurcation Sequences
Sue Ann Cambell On a Neutral Funcitonal Differential equation Modelling a Simple Physical System
Burton Voorhees Multifractals Generated by Concatenation Susbstitution
Bruce Simpson Effects of Chemical Quasi-Equilibria on Implicit Time Stepping Iterations
A.B. Gumel Numerical Algoritms for Solving a Coupled Non-Linear Oscillator