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Operator Algebras and Applications Program

Operator Algebras Program

Program Committee:

G. A. Elliott (Toronto), M. D. Choi (Toronto), A. Connes (College de France), K.R. Davidsion (Waterloo), P. Fillmore (Dalhousie), D. Handelman (Ottawa), N. Higson (Pannsylvania State), V. Jones (California at Berkeley), I. Putnam (Victoria), D. Woisulescu (California at Berkeley)

In 1994 - 1995 an emphasis year on Operator Algebras and their interrelations with other fields of mathematics. In addition to regular meetings of seminar and graduate courses (listed below), there will also be seven workshops throughout the year. In addition, the Institute will provide the organization and facilities to host the 23rd Canadian Annual Symposium on Operators Algebras.

Operator algebras were "born" in the 30's with Von Neumann's work on modelling quantum mechanics as an algebraic system. Von Neumann algebras and C*-algebras were originally defined as sel-adjoint subalgebras of the algebra of all bounded linear operators on a Hlbert space. But both classes were soon given abstract characterizations as well. Many interesting classes of these algebras occur naturally in many parts of mathematics. For example, given any locally compact group, there is a natural C*-algebra associated to it that contains all the information about its represntation theory. More generally, any group acting on a topological or measure space gives rise to a natural C*-algebra that encodes information about the groiup action. A major thrust has been attempts to classify these algebras. A major breakthrough came from the introduction of K-theoretic methods from ring theory and algebraic topology. This resulted in both a detailed analysis of important new classes of algebras and an importatnt tool for the potaential classification of a very large class of algebras.

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March 29 - April 2, 1995 -- Subfactors and their Applications
Coordinators: Sorin Popa (University of California, Los Angeles), Antony Wassermann, Hans Wenzl (University of California, San Diego)

March 8 - 12, 1995 -- Operator Algebra Free Products and Random Matrices
Coordinator: Dan Voiculescu (University of California, Berkeley)

December 6 - 10, 1994 -- The Classification of Amenable C*-Algebras
Coordinators: George Elliott (University of Toronto and copenhagen), Michael Rordam (Odense Universitet, Switzerland)

October 26 - 30, 1994 -- Dynamical Systems and C*-Algebras
Coordinators: David Handelman (University of Ottawa), Ian Putnam (University of Victoria)

September 14 - 18, 1994 -- The Baum-Connes Conjectures
Coordinator: Nigel Higson (Pennsylvania State University)

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September 1994 - April 1995 -- Structure and classifications of amenable C*-algebras
Lecturer: George Elliott (University of Toronto)

September 1994 - April 1995 -- Introduction to Operator Algebras
Lecturers: Peter Fillmore (Dalhousie University) and Man-Duen Choi (University of Toronto)

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Operator Algebras and Applications Graduate Student Seminar

April 24, 1995 -- Yasu Kawahigashi (University of Tokyo)
Introduction to Ocneanu's Paragroup Theory

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Operator Algebras and Applications Special Seminar

June 8, 1995 -- Alan Carey (University of Adelaide)
Dixmier-Douady Classes, Bundle Gerbes and Anomalies

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Operator Algebras and Applications Seminar Series

June 22, 1995 -- Huaxin Lin (University of Oregon)
Approximately Commuting Self-Adjoint Matrices

June 22, 1995 -- Carl Winslřw (University of Copenhagen)
Martingales of Subfactors

June 20-22, 1995 -- Stanislaw L. Woronowicz (University of Warsaw)
Multiplicative Unitaries

June 20, 1995 -- Berndt Brenken (University of Calgary)
Algebras Associated With Some Expansive Group Automorphisms

June 20, 1995 -- Marius Dadarlat (Purdue University)
On the K-theory of AH C*-algebras

June 19, 1995 -- Guihua Gong (University of Puerto Rico)
Classification of Simple AH Algebras

June 6, 1995 -- Mikael Rřrdam (Odense University)
How to Classify Extensions of Cuntz-Krieger-Kirchberg Algebras

May 29 - June 3, 1995 -- Rysard Nest (University of Copenhagen)
Introduction to: Operations on Cyclic Cohomology, Deforation and Indes Theorems

May 30, 1995 -- Claude Schochet (Wayne State University)
A Canonical Decompostition of the Kasparov Groups

May 3, 1995 -- Terry Loring (University of New Mexico)
Lifting and Approximation Problems related to Matrices

May 4, 1995 -- László Zsidó (University of Rome "Tor Vergata")
A Monotone Closure Property of Norm Closed Two-Sided Ideals in W*-algebras

May 4, 1995 -- László Zsidó (University of Rome "Tor Vergata")
A Monotone Closure Property of Norm Closed Two-Sided Ideals in W*-algebras

April 25, 1995 -- Dan Voiculescu (University of California, Berkeley)
Free Entropy and the Absense of Cartan Subalgebras in Free Group Factors

April 20, 1995 -- Klaus Thomsen (Aarhus University)
The Classification Result for Simple Inductive Limits of Circle Algebras

April 19-21, 24-25, May 1-2, 1995 -- Adrian Ocneanu (The Pennsylvania State University) Paths on Coexter Diagrams: From Platonic Solids and Singularities to Minimal Models and Subfactors

April 11, 1995 -- Claudia Pinzari (University of Rome II)
Jones's Indes for Infinite Factors and Endomorphisms of Cuntz Algebras

March 28, 1995 -- Uffe Haagerup (Odense University)

March 21, 23, 1995 -- Satoshi Goto (Tokyo University)
Introduction to Subfactors

March 21, 1995 -- William Arveson (University of California, Berkeley)
Recent Progress in E0-semigroups

March 13, 1995 -- Roland Speicher (Institut für Angewandte Mathematik, University of Heidelberg) Free Stochastic Integration

February 28, 1995 -- Erik Christensen (University of Copenhagen)
Cohomological Characterizations of Injective von Neumann Algebras

February 21, 14, 1995 -- Zhong-Jin Ruan (University of Illinois)
Operator Spaces and their Applications (Part I & II)

February 2, 9, 1995 -- Roland Leitner (University of Vienna)
A Generalization of Jones Index Theory to Arbitrary Factors (I & II)

February 7, 1995 -- Alexandru Nica (The Fields Institute)
Toeplitz Algebras on Semigroups, via the Groupoid Method

January 17, 24, 31, 1995 -- James A. Mingo (Queens University)
C*-algebras Arixing from Equivalence Relations (Parts I, II & III)

January 10, 1995 -- Guihua Gong (University of Puerto Rico)
On the Classification of Non-Simple ADH Algebras

November 29, 1994 -- Alexander Kumjian (University of Nevada)
Traces on Simple Stably Projectionless C*-Algebras

November 22, 1994 -- Norberto Salinas (University of Kansas)
Teoplitz Operators and Non-Commutative Duality

November 15, 1994 -- Sřren Eilers (Mathematics Institute, Copenhagen)
A Complete Invariant for AD-algebras with Bounded Dimension Drop

November 1, 1994 -- Jerry Kaminker (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis) Eta Invariants, Spectral Flow and Operator Algebras

October 18, 1994 -- Peter Friis (Mathematics Instutite, Copenhagen)
Dimension Groups With Torsion

October 13, 1994 -- Řyvind Ryan (University of Oslo)
A New Approach to the Classification of Commutator Ideals

October 12 &19, 1994 -- Masoud Khalkhali (University of Heidelberg)
Cyclic Cohomology

October 10, 1994 -- Mikael Rřrdam (Odense University)
Classifiable Infinite Simple C*-algebras in General, and Crossed Products of AF- and AT-algebras by Actions of Z in particular

October 4, 1994 -- Jonathan Samuel (Dalhousie University)

October 4, 1994 -- Alexander Kumjian (University of Nevada)
Some Simple Sably Projectionless C*-Algebras

September 20, 1994 -- N. Christopher Phillips (University of Oregon)
Classifaction for Odd Cuntz Algebras

September 19, 1994 -- Ryszard Nest (University of Copenhagen)
Micro-course in Cyclic Cohomology

September 13, 1994 -- Ryszard Nest (University of Copenhagen)
Depth Two Inclusion of Factors

September 1, 1994 -- Florin Radulescu (University of Toronto)
Free Groups, Continuous Dimension, and Berezin Quantinization

August 25, 1994 -- N. Christopher Phillips (University of Oregon)
Uniqueness of Homomorphisisms from O

July 21, 1994 -- Guihua Gong (University of Puerto Rico)
Certain Non-isomorphic Inductive Limit C*-algebras

July 14, 1994 -- Huaxin Lin (State University of New York, Buffalo)
Almost Commuting Unitaries and Classification of Even Cuntz-circle Algebras

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Post-Doctoral Seminar on Operator Algebras and Applications

May 25, 1995 -- Larry Schweitzer (Arizona State University)
Dense Subalgebras of C*-Algebras

May 4, 1995 -- Allan Donsig (University of Toronto)
Uniqueness of Masas in (Non-Self-Adjoint) AF Operator Algebras

April 6, 1995 -- Florin Boca (University of Toronto)
Ergodicity and Non-Commutative Tori

March 23, 1995 -- Qing Lin (The Fields Institute)
A Complete Classification of Simple Non-Commutative 3-Tori

March 2, 1995 -- Ken Dykema (The Fields Institute)
Voiculescu's Free Convolution

March 2, 1995 -- Beatriz Abadie (The University of Uruguay)
Crossed Products by Hilbert C*-bimodules

February 16, 21, 1995 -- Yushifumi Tsuchimoto (Kyoto University)
A Definition of Non-commutative Algebraic Geometry (Part I & II)

February 23, 1995 -- Hiroyuki Osaka (The Fields Institute)
On the Brown-Pedersen Conjectures in C*-algebras of Real Rank Zero

January 26, 1995 -- Branka Pavlovic (The Fields Institute)
Defining a metric on a compact Hausdorff Space X via Operators from C(X)

January 12, 1995 -- Guangwu Xu (State University of New York, Buffalo)
Completely Bounded Multipliers and Weakly Almost Periodic Functions on Locally Compact Groups

December 15, 1994 -- Chun-Gil Park (University of Maryland)
Principle PU(k)-Bundles over a Torus Tn

December 1, 1994 -- Houben Huang (The Fields Institue)
Extension of Triangular Operators

December 1, 1994 -- Rajarama Bhat (The Fields Institute)
Semigroups of CP Maps and Continuous Tensor Product Systems

November 24, 1994 -- Ileana Ionascu (University of Waterloo)
Hyper-reflexivity in Operator Algebras and Stability

November 17, 1994 -- Ja A Jeong (The Fields Institute)
Purely Infinite Simple C*-crossed Products

November 17, 1994 -- Qing Lin (The Fields Institute)
Inductive Limit Decompostion of C(T2) x Z

November 10, 1994 -- Branka Pavlovic (The Fields Institute)
Automatic Contiutity of Lipschitz Algebras

November 10, 1994 -- Rajarama Bhat (The Fields Institute)
K. Thomsen's Krein-MilmanType Theorem

November 3, 1994 -- Florin Radulescu (The Fields Institute)
On Invariant Berezin Quantization

October 20, 1994 -- Hiroyuki Osaka (The Fields Institute)
Real Rank of C*-algebras

October 13, 1994 -- Hongbing Su (The Fields Institute)
Classification for Inductive Limits of Toeplitz Algebras

October 6, 1994 -- Chun-Gil Park (University of Maryland)
The Bundle Structure of Non-Commutative Tori

September 22, 1994 -- Ken Stevens (University of Toronto)
Non-Simple Inductive Limits and Ribbons

September 8, 1994 -- Xinhui Jiang (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
An Index Theorem on Foliated Bundles

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