May 20, 2018

Workshop on Modular Ranks of Incidence Matrices

August 2-27, 1994

Sponsored by The Fields Institute, The University of Waterloo and NSERC


C. Godsil (Waterloo), D. de Caen (Queen's) and R. Mathon(Toronto)

2 lectures each Tuesday and Thursday for the Duration of the workshop.

Questions about hte modular rank of incidence matrices arise in combinatoric and finite geometry. They have been tackled using methods from combinatorics, coding theory and representation theory. We want to bring together a group of about a dozen workers with interests covering these three areas to discuss these problems. The format proposed is meant to allow for ample interaction ouside the lectures. A number of successful workshops using this format have been held at Simon Fraser University in the past (including on organised by Godsil).


  • p-ranks of incidence matrices
  • p-ranks of nets
  • methods from modular and integral representation theory
  • the viewpoint from coding theory
  • computational methods