May 26, 2018

Workshop on Geometry, Topology and Markets
July 23 - 28, 1994

Organizing Committee

G. Chichilnisky, Chair, Organizing Committee (Columbia University)
S. Cappell (New York University)
J. Detemple (McGill University)
M. Hirsch (University of California, Berkeley)
A. Khan (Johns Hopkins)
M. Shub (IBM)
M. Wooders (University of Toronto)


Mini-courses will be offered by S. Cappell, G. Chichilnisky and M. Hirsch. There will also be a number of invited lectures and other presentations.

Recent developments have deepened the connection between topology and the economics of markets. This workshop will allow the presentation and discussion of original mathematical results, which have or could lead to useful application in the economics of markets. The first three days of the workshop will be devoted to a series of mini\courses in mathematics aimed at providing the basic background. The remaining time will allow the presentation of new theorems, along with their applications to the theory of markets. Topics discussed will include: new topological invariants for existence, characterization and computation of market equilibria and their relation to social choice and to other forms of resource allocation, competitive and cooperative systems, algebraic geometry and markets with increasing returns, computation complexity, and stochastic processes and financial markets.

Co-Sponsored by the Columbia Business School

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