April 24, 2018

Introduction to Dynamical Systems, Student Seminar Projects
Supervised by W. F. Langford (The Fields Institute)

December 4, 1992 --
Bernie Brooks Applications of Dynamical Systems in Evolution Theory
Derek Euale Double Pendulum Dynamics
Dan Rusu Local Linearization of Flows Near Equilibrium Points
Yifeng Zhou Dynamical Systems: a Novel Approach for Signal Processing

December 3, 1992 --
Lingxue Pan Arnold's StabilityTheorem and its Application
J.P. Schoch Iterated Function Systems
Liwei Wu Hartman-Grobman Theorem
Yanan Wu Topological Structure of Strange Attractors for Low-Dimensional Dynamical Systems

November 26, 1992 --
J. P. Voroney Turing Patterns and Reaction-Diffusion Equations