April 24, 2018

Dynamical Systems Seminar Series

Seminar on Industrial Problems

Septemer 30, 1992 -- Simon Haykin (McMaster University)
Chaotic Signal Processing

Colloquium Series

June 23, 1993 -- Barbara Lee Keyfitz (University of Houston)
A Riemann Problem Related to Mach Meflection for the Unsteady Transonic Small Disturbance Equation

June 7, 1993 -- John Pearson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Chemical Pattern Formation

May 10, 1993 -- Andrew Lewis (California Institute of Technology)
Modeling Constraints

May 8, 1993 -- Jörg Grigull (Georg-Angust-Universität, Gottingen)
Large Deviations for Rational Maps

May 6, 1993 -- Ian Putnam (University of Victoria)
Invariants for Dynamical Systems via C*-algebras

April 30, 1993 -- Frederic Y.M. Wan (National Science Foundation)
Outer Asymptotic Solution without Matching

April 15, 1993 -- Karen Diemer (The Fields Institute)
Lattice Gas Hyrdodynamics for One and Two Phase Flows

April 8, 1993 -- Sri Namachchivaya (University of Illinois)
Maximal Lyapunov Exponent and Rotation Numbers for Dynamical Systems Driven by Real Noise

April 1, 1993 -- Ian Stewart (University of Warwick)
Periodic Solutions of Hamiltonian Systems with Symmetry

March 31, 1993 -- Marek Kossowski (University of South Carolina)
Fiber Completions, Contact Singularities and Single Valued Solutions for C^oo - Second Order ODE

March 19, 1993 -- Lianjun An (McMaster University)
The genericity of ill-posedness in elastic-plastic models and regularizing effect of microstructure

March 18, 1993 -- Darryl Holm (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
A BiHamiltonian Shallow Water Equation with Peaked Solitons

March 17, 1993 -- John Mallet-Paret (Brown University)
Solution Profiles for Differential Equations with State-Dependent Delays

March 12, 1993 -- David H. Sattinger (University of Minnesota)
Isomondromy Deformation Problems

March 11, 1993 -- Willem Sluis (The Fields Institute)
Dynamic Feedback Linearization of Control Systems

March 10, 1993 -- Geneviéve Raugel (Université de Paris-Sud, Orsay)
Attractors of Parabolic Equations on Thin L-shaped Domains

March 9, 1993 -- John Guckenheimer (Cornell University)
The Dynamics of Cursting Neurons

March 5, 1993 -- Barbara Lee Keyfitz (University of Houston)
Wave Propagation without Hyperbolicity: Nonlinear Effects and Riemann Problems in Equations that Change Type

March 3, 1993 -- David Chillingworth (University of Southamption, England)
Geometry for an Impact Oscillator

February 19, 1993 -- Edward R. Vrscay (University of Waterloo)
Inverse Problems Using Iterated Function Systems I. Measures

February 18, 1993 -- John Holbrook (University of Guelph)
Dynamics, Fractals, and Statistical Sampling

February 17, 1993 -- Jurgen Scheurle (Universitat Hamburg)
Discretization of Autonomous Systems, Homoclinic Orbits and "Invisible Chaos"

February 11, 1993 -- Brian Wetton (University of British Columbia)
What is the Order of my Finite Difference Boundary Condition?

February 10, 1993 -- Jianhong Wu (York University)
Delay-Induced Oscillations of Large Amplitudes in Neural Networks

February 4, 1993 -- David Siegel (University of Waterloo)
Some Problems in Chemical Kinetics

February 3, 1993 -- William Gilbert (University of Waterloo)
Complex Dynamics of Newton's Methods

January 27, 1993 -- Peter Bates (Brigham Young University)
Nucleation for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation in Higher Space Dimensions

January 20, 1993 -- Sidney Frankel (Brigham Young University)
Structure of Invariant Sets for Holomorphic Foliations

December 9, 1992 -- Vivien Kirk (University of Auckland)
Normal Form Analysis of Stationary/Oscillatory Bifurcations

November 25, 1992 -- David L. Rod (University of Calgary)
Non-Integrability of Hamiltonian Systems via Ziglin Theory

November 18, 1992 -- Mary Silber (California Institute of Technology)
Symmetry Induced Heteroclinic Cycles in Models of Rotating Convection

November 11, 1992 -- Gérard Iooss (Institute Non-Linear de Nice, University of Nice)
Water Waves for Small Surface Tension: a Normal Form Approach

Septemer 24, 1992 -- Ali Lari-La Vassani (The Fields Insitute)
Multiparameter Bifurcation via Singularity Theory

Expository Seminar series

March 18, 1993 -- Suncica Canic (The Fields Institute)
Structural Stability of Viscous Shock Profiles

January 28, 1993 -- Wayne Nagata (University of British Columbia)
Simple Proffs of Bifurcation Theorems

November 19, 1992 -- Stephen Van Gils (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Abelian Integrals and Bifurcation Theory: An Introduction

November 12, 1992 -- Bernard Krauskopf (University of Groningen)
Convergence of Julia-sets in the Approximation of e z by (1 + z/d)d

November 6, 1992 -- Heinz Hanbmann (University of Groningen)
The Lagrange Top as a Perturbation of the Euler Top

November 5, 1992 -- Benoit Dionne (The Fields Institute)
Turing and the coupled Oscillator

November 4, 1992 -- Bernard Krauskopf (University of Groningen)
Bifurcation Series in the 1:4 Resonance Problem

October 29, 1992 -- Victor G. LeBlanc (University of Waterloo)
Equivariant Normal Forms for the n:l Hopf Bifurcation

October 8, 1992 -- Ali Lari-La Vassani (The Fields Institute)
Multiparameter Bifurcation via Singularity Theory

October 1, 1992 -- Shigui Ruan (The Fields Institute)
The Effect of Delays on Stability and Persistence in Plankton Models