May 26, 2018

The Fields Institute Official Opening

Thursday, June 11, 1992
Room 1350, Davis Centre, University of Waterloo


Opening remarks,
Jerrold Marsden
, Director


Fields Institute Distinguished Lecture:
Philip Griffiths (Director, IAS)
Exterior Differential Systems

10:05am Avner Friedman (Director, IMA)
The IMA Experience with Industry
11:15am Francis Clarke (Director, CRM)
Nonsmooth analysis: a survey

Cathleen S. Morawetz (Courant Institute)
Some Thoughts about Applied Mathematics in Canada

Fields Institute Distinguished Service Award to Heinz Götze, Springer Verlag

2:00pm Fields Institute Distinguished Lecture:
Stephen Smale (Berkeley)
Bezout's Theorem and Complexity Theory
2:50 pm Stephen Halperin (Toronto)
The Role of the Research Mathematician in Mathematics Education
3:20 pm Beverly West (Cornell)
Integrating Graphics Technology into the Calculus Curriculum
4:15 pm David Brillinger (Berkeley)
The Fourier Transform in the Analysis of Scientific Data
5:00 pm Closing Remarks, William Shadwick, Deputy Director
University, Ministry of Colleges and Universities and NSERC Representatives
6:00 pm Open House at the Fields Institute - 185 Columbia Street West
(adjacent to the University of Waterloo)
7:45 pm

Banquet Dinner:
Israel Halperin (Toronto)
Prospects for a Mathematics Research Institute

Irving Kaplansky (Director, MSRI)
Toronto and MSRI Reminiscences

Derek York, (Toronto)