June 19, 2018

Problems in Sensing, Identification and Control of Flexible Structures

June 28 - 30, 1992
Workshop Coordinator: K.A. Morris

Flexible structures arise in several important areas of application: for instance, antenna control, robotics and large space structures. Satisfactory control of these systems is hapered by difficulties related to sensing and identification. The first day of this workshop will be a short course on identification of flexible structures conducted by Dr. Jer-Nan Juang of the NASA Langley Research Centre. The remainder of the workshop will consist of talks on current research by engineers and mathematicians working in structural control. There will also be a tour of the flexible structures lab facility at the University of Waterloo.

Speakers include:

S. Ahmed (Canadian Space Agency) H. T. Banks (University of North Carolina)
J. Burns (Virginia Polytech. and State University) A. El Jai (University of Perpignan, France)
F. Golnaraghi (University of Waterloo) G. Heppler (University of Waterloo)
P. C. Hughes (University of Toronto) J. Juang (NASA Langley Research Center)
K. Lenz (University of Minnesota) H. McClamroch (University of Michigan)
V. Modi (University of British Columbia) G. Rosen (University of Southern California)
C. Wang (University of Southern California) D. Wang (University of Waterloo)