March 27, 2015


Conference on Quantum Groups and Quantum Information Theory
July 13-17, 2015

to be held at Herstmonceux Castle, UK

Organizing Committee:
Benoit Collins (University of Ottawa/Kyoto University)
James Mingo (Queen’s University
Ashley Montanaro (University of Bristol)
Maria Grazia Viola (Lakehead University
Moritz Weber (Saarland University)

Advanced Grant held by Roland Speicher,
Starting Grant held by Matthias Christandl
Registration Opening Soon


Recent developments suggest the existence of links between quantum groups and quantum information theory. Both fields have common problems and areas of interest, such as random matrix theory. They also share important technical tools, despite developing independently. However, there has never been a joint meeting involving these two communities. This workshop aims to fill this gap, and to bring together researchers from these areas so that they can learn from each other's techniques, approaches and open problems. The topics discussed during the workshop will range from the Weingarten calculus and planar combinatorial calculations to quantum de Finetti theorems and free probability.

Herstmonceux Castle was made available through Queen’s University as a Principal Fields Sponsor. This conference marks the first Fields Conference sited in Europe.


Confirmed Participants as of March 19:

Benoit Collins
James Mingo
Ashley Montanaro
Maria Grazia Viola
Moritz Weber
Roland Speicher
Muneerah Al Nuwairan
Teo Banica
Julien Bichon
Michael Brannan
Jason Crann
Toby Cubitt
Amaury Freslon
Motohisa Fukuda
Olivier Gabriel
Carlos Gonzalez-Guillen
Aram Harrow
Chris King
Claus Koestler
Debbie Leung
Sho Matsumoto
Graeme Mitchison
Ion Nechita
Jonathan Novak
David Perez-Garcia
Sven Raum
Adam Skalski
Piotr \'Sniady
Sergii Strelchuk
Pierre Tarrago
Roland Vergnioux
Dan Voiculescu
Christian Voigt
Michael Walter
Andreas Winter
Stanislaw Woronowicz
Jon Yard
Karol Zyczkowski

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